Appendix V
Japanese Order of Battle1

Unit Strength
Thirty-second Army Troops
  Headquarters 1,070
  Ordnance Depot 1,498
  Ordnance Duty Unit 150
  Field Freight Depot 1,167
  36th Signal Regiment 1,912
  Okinawa Army Hospital 204
  27th Field Water Purification Unit 244
  Well Digging Unit 34
  Defense Construction Unit 108
  7th Fortress Construction Duty Company 322
  2d Field Construction Duty Company 366
24th Infantry Division  
  Headquarters 267
  22d Infantry Regiment 2,796
  32d Infantry Regiment 2,870
  89th Infantry Regiment 2,809
  42d Field Artillery Regiment 2,321
  24th Reconnaissance Regiment 346
  24th Engineer Regiment 777
  24th Transport Regiment 1,158
  Signal Unit 275
  Decontamination Training Unit 77
  Ordnance Repair Unit 57
  Veterinary Hospital 11
  Water Supply and Purification Unit 241
  1st Field Hospital 174
  2d Field Hospital 181
62d Infantry Division  
  Headquarters 65
  63d Brigade Headquarters 129
  11th Independent Infantry Battalion 1,091
  12th Independent Infantry Battalion 1,085
  13th Independent Infantry Battalion 1,058
  14th Independent Infantry Battalion 1,085
  273d Independent Infantry Battalion 683
  64th Brigade Headquarters 121
  15th Independent Infantry Battalion 1,076
  21st Independent Infantry Battalion 1,080
  22d Independent Infantry Battalion 1,071
  23d Independent Infantry Battalion 1,089
  272d Independent Infantry Battalion 683
  Engineer Unit 255
  Signal Unit 359
  Transport Unit 300
  Field Hospital 371
  Veterinary Hospital 22
  44th Independent Mixed Brigade Headquarters 63
  2d Infantry Unit 2,046
  15th Independent Mixed Regiment 1,885
  Artillery Unit 330
  Engineer Unit 161
  5th Artillery Command Headquarters 147
  1st Medium Artillery Regiment (-) 856
  23d Medium Artillery Regiment 1,143
  7th Heavy Artillery Regiment 526
  100th Independent Heavy Artillery Battalion 565
  1st Independent Artillery Mortar Regiment (-) 613
  1st Light Mortar Battalion 633
  2d Light Mortar Battalion 615


Unit Strength
21st Antiaircraft Artillery Command  
  Headquarters 71
  27th Independent Antiaircraft Artillery Bn 505
  79th Field Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion 513
  80th Field Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion 517
  81st Field Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion 514
  103d Independent Machine Cannon Battalion 336
  104th Independent Machine Cannon Battalion 338
  105th Independent Machine Cannon Battalion 337
Machine Gun Units  
  3d Independent Machine Gun Battalion 340
  4th Independent Machine Gun Battalion 344
  14th Independent Machine Gun Battalion 334
  17th Independent Machine Gun Battalion 331
Antitank Units  
  3d Independent Antitank Battalion 363
  7th Independent Antitank Battalion 353
  22d Independent Antitank Battalion 402
  32d Independent Antitank Company 144
11th Shipping Group  
  Headquarters 100
  7th Shipping Engineer Branch Depot 600
  23d Shipping Engineer Regiment 850
  26th Shipping Engineer Regiment (-) 550
  5th Sea Raiding Base Headquarters 42
  1st Sea Raiding Squadron 104
  2d Sea Raiding Squadron 104
  3d Sea Raiding Squadron 104
  26th Sea Raiding Squadron 104
  27th Sea Raiding Squadron 104
  28th Sea Raiding Squadron 104
  29th Sea Raiding Squadron 104
  1st Sea Raiding Base Battalion 886
  2d Sea Raiding Base Battalion 874
  3d Sea Raiding Base Battalion 877
  26th Sea Raiding Base Battalion 908
  27th Sea Raiding Base Battalion 897
  28th Sea Raiding Base Battalion 900
  29th Sea Raiding Base Battalion 900
49th Line of Communication Sector  
  Headquarters 202
  72d Land Duty Company 508
  83d Land Duty Company 496
  103d Sea Duty Company 711
  104th Sea Duty Company 724
  215th Independent Motor Transport Company 181
  259th Independent Motor Transport Company 182
Engineer Units  
  66th Independent Engineer Battalion 865
  14th Field Well Drilling Company 110
  20th Field Well Drilling Company 110
19th Air Sector Command  
  Headquarters 41
  29th Field Airfield Construction Battalion 750
  44th Airfield Battalion 377
  50th Airfield Battalion 360
  56th Airfield Battalion 380
  3d Independent Maintenance Unit 120
  Makoto 1st Maintenance Company 90
  118th Independent Maintenance Unit 100
  6th Fortress Construction Duty Company 330
  Detachment, 20th Air Regiment 27
  10th Field Meteorological Unit 80
  26th Air-Ground Radio Unit 117
  46th Independent Air Company 132
  1st Branch Depot, 5th Field Air Repair Depot 130
  21st Air Signal Unit 310
  Okinawa Branch, Army Air Route Department 359
  223d Specially Established Garrison Company 200
  224th Specially Established Garrison Company 200
  225th Specially Established Garrison Company 200
  27th Tank Regiment 750
            Army Unit Total 266,636
Okinawa Base Force (Headquarters, Coast Defense, and Antiaircraft Personnel) 3,400
27th Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 200
33d Midget Submarine Unit 130
37th Torpedo Maintenance Unit 140
Torpedo Working Unit 130
81mm Mortar Battery 150
Oroku Transmitting Station 30
Naha Branch, Sasebo Naval Stores Department 136
Naha Branch, Sasebo Transportation Department 136
Naha Navy Yard, Sasebo Naval Base 53
Oroku Detachment, 951st Air Group 600
Nansei Shoto Air Group 2,000
226th Construction Unit 1,420
3210th Construction Unit 300
            Navy Unit Total 38,825
502d Special Guard Engineer Unit 900
503d Special Guard Engineer Unit 700
504th Special Guard Engineer Unit 700
Blood-and-Iron-For-The-Emperor-Duty-Unit 750
Boeitai Assigned to the Army 16,600
Boeitai Assigned to the Navy 1,100


Unit Strength
Students 600
Regular Conscripts Not Included Under Army Units 2,000
            Okinawan Total 23,350
                      Grand Total (Rounded Out)  
            Army Units 67,000
            Navy Units 9,000
            Okinawans 24,000
  Japanese Strength On Okinawa 4100,000


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1. The order of battle is based on a listing compiled by Tenth Army G-2 contained in IntelMono, Part I, Sect B, Chap II, 3. Obvious discrepancies in this list have been corrected with the aid of POW InterrSum Nos 1-19 and CICAS Trans No 212, Extracts from 32d Army Order of Battle, mid-March 1945. Units are listed by their original designation with the strengths they are believed to have had just prior to the American landings.

2. This figure represents the total Japanese strength. Included in it, however, are an estimated 5,000 Okinawans, mostly regular conscripts, who were integrated into Japanese units.

3. This total represents both regular naval ratings and the Japanese, Korean, and Okinawan military civilians who were utilized in the naval land combat organization.

4. Final figures have been rounded out to avoid the appearance of exactness. Thirty-second Army's peak combat strength may have been anywhere between 95,000 and 105,000.

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