Appendix E
United States Task Organizations

Diagram, Task Organization, Central Pacific Force, November 1943


Diagram, Task Force 50


Task Organization, Task Force 53


Diagram, Task Force 57


Task Force 53


Capt. H.B. Knowles, USN

TransDiv 4 CT 2 (2d Marines)
APA Zeilin LT 2/2 (2d Bn., 2d Marines)
APA Heywood LT 2/8 (2d Bn., 8th Marines)
APA Middleton LT 3/2 (3d Bn., 2d Marines)
APA Biddle LT Hq/2d Marines
APA Lee LT 1/2 (1st Bn., 2d Marines)
AKA Thuban Detachments CT 8
TransDiv 18 CT 8 (8th Marines)
APA Monrovia LT 3/8 (3d Bn., 8th Marines)
APA Sheridan LT 1/8 (1st Bn., 8th Marines)
APA La Salle Division Troops
APA Doyen Division Troops
AKA Virgo Detachments CT 8
LSD Ashland2 Medium Tanks
TransDiv 6 CT 6 (6th Marines)
APA Harris LT 3/6 (3d Bn., 6th Marines)
APA Bell LT 2/6 (2d Bn., 6th Marines)
APA Ormsby LT Hq/6th Marines
APA Feland LT 1/6 (1st Bn., 6th Marines)
AKA Bellatrix Detachments CT 6

Task Group 53.4


Rear Adm. H.F. Kingman

Fire Support Section 1:
  Tennessee BB 43
  Mobile CL 63
  Birmingham CL 62
  Bailey DD 492
  Frazer DD 607
Fire Support Section 2:
  Maryland BB 46
  Santa Fe CL 60
  Gansevoort DD 608
  Meade DD 602
Fire Support Section 3:
  Colorado BB 45
  Portland CA 33
  Anderson DD 411
  Russell DD 414
Fire Support Section 4:
  Ringgold DD 500
  Dashiell DD 659
Fire Support Section 5:
  Indianapolis CA 35
  Schroeder DD 501


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1. From 2d Marine Division Special Action Report, Tarawa, p. 1.

2. Joined the transport group at Vila Harbor, Efate.

Transcribed and formatted by Patrick Clancey, HyperWar Foundation