AAF Army Air Force
ACE American Council on Education
ACOTP Assistant Captain of the Port
ADMIN Administrative
ADU Aircraft Delivery Units
AEDO Aviation Engineering Duty Officer
AIC Army Industrial College
ALNAV Message to all naval units
ANEPA Army and Navy Electronics Production Agency
ANMB Army-Navy Munitions Board
AP Armor-piercing
APL Applied Physics Laboratory
AQE Ammunition Quality Evaluation
ASO Aviation Supply Office
ASRA Air-Sea Rescue Agency
ASW Anti-submarine Warfare
ASWORG Anti-submarine Warfare Operational Research Group
ATC Air Transport Command
BAMS Broadcast to Allied Merchant Ships
BB Battleship
BuAer Bureau of Aeronautics
BuDocks Bureau of Yards and Docks
BuMed Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
BuNav Bureau of Navigation
BuOrd Bureau of Ordnance
BuPers Bureau of Naval Personnel
BuSandA Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (also BuS&A)
BiuShips Bureau of Ships
C&R Construction and Repair (Bureau)
CAPT Captain
CBMU Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff
CDR Commander
CEC Civil Engineer Corps


CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CGS Coast and Geodetic Survey
Ch. Chairman
CinCLant Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic
CinCMed Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean
CinCPac Commander-in-Chief, Pacific
CinCPOA Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas
CinCSPWA Commander-in-Chief, Southwest Pacific Areas
CinCUS Commander-in-Chief, U.S> Fleet
CMC Commandant of the Marine Corps
CMP Controlled Materials Plan
CMR Committee on Medical Research
CNO Chief of Naval Operations
CO Commanding Officer
Com Air Pac Commander Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet
COMDR Commander
COMDT Commandant
COMMO Commodore
COMSERVRON Commander Service Squadron
COMSOPAC Commander South Pacific
COMWESEAFRON Commander, Western Sea Frontier
COTP Captain of the Port
CPA Civilian Personnel Administration
CPFF Cost-plus-fixed-fee
CRD Coordinator of Research and Development
CTF Commander Task Group
CVE Aircraft Carrier Escort
DCNO (Air) Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Air
DCPD District Civilian Personnel Director
DCPO District Civilian Personnel Officer
DD Destroyer
DE Destroyer Escort
DNC Director of Naval Communications
DOD Department of Defense
ED (or EDO) Engineer Duty Officer
EXOS Executive Office of Secretary
FADM Fleet Admiral
FEA Foreign Economic Administration
ff. and following pages


FMF Fleet Marine Force
GAO General Accounting Office
GINA General Inspector of Naval Aircraft
GO General Order
GPO Government Printing Office
HC High Capacity (shells)
HO Hydrographic Office
IADB Inter-American Defense Board
IAP Integrated Aeronautic Program
IATCB Interdepartment Air Traffic Control Board
IBM International Business Machine
IMP Industrial Mobilization Plan
INA Inspector fo Naval Aircraft
JAG Judge Advocate General
JBUSDC Joint Brazilian-United States Defense Commission
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JMUSDC Joint Mexican-United States Defense Commission
JNW Joint Committee on New weapons and Equipment
LCC Landing Control Craft
LCDR Lieutenant Commander
LCI Landing Craft Infantry
LCI(L) Landing Craft Infantry (Large)
LCT Landing Craft Tank
L-L Act Lend-Lease Act
LOPU Logistic Organization Planning Unit
LORAN Long Range Navigation System
LSM(R) Landing Ship, Medium (rockets)
LST Landing Ship Tank
LT Lieutenant
LTA Lighter-than-Air
LT(jg) Lieutenant, junior grade
LVT Landing vehicle, tracked
LVTA Landing vehicle, tracked, armored (armored amphibian)
MarCorps Marine Corps
MCA Material Coordinating Agency
MF-DF Medium frequency radio direction finders
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology


MS, MSS Manuscript, manuscripts
NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
NALO Navy Amphibious Landing Operations
NAS National Academy of Sciences
NATS Naval Air Transport Service
NCPI Navy Civilian Personnel Instructions
NDAC National Defense Advisory Commission
NDRC National Defense Research Committee
NIC National Inventors Council
NIO Naval Inspector of Ordnance
NIRA National Industrial Recovery Act
NLDF Naval Local Defense Forces
NOL Naval Ordnance Laboratory
NPF Naval Powder Factory
NRA National Recovery Administration
NRC National Research Council
NRL Naval Research Laboratory
NROTC Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps
OCC Officer Candidate Class
ODT Office of Defense Transportation
OEM Office of Emergency management
OFS Office of Field Service
OGC Office of General Counsel
OIR Office of Industrial Relations
ONOP Office of Naval Officer Procurement
ONR Office of Naval Research
OPACS Office of Price Administration and Civilian Supply
O.P.&M. Office of Procurement and Material
OPM Office of Production Management
OSRD Office of Scientific Research and Development
P&A (Service) Procurement and Assignment Service
PFCO Position Field Classification Officer
PG Postgraduate
PH Pearl Harbor
PHS Public Health Service
PLD Procurement Legal Division
PM Prime Minister (Churchill)
PRO Personnel Relations Officer
PRP Production Requirement Plan


PS&M Division of Personnel Supervision and Management
Racon Radar Beacon stations
RAdm Rear Admiral
RBNS Research Board for National Security
R&D Research and Development
RFC Reconstruction Finance Corporation
ROC Reserve Officers Class
SB2C Scout Bomber
SCB Ship Characteristics Board
SCGO Senior Coast Guard Officer
SEAFRON Sea Frontier
SECNAV Secretary of the Navy
SECP Shore Establishment and Civilian Personnel Division
SERFORPAC Service Force Pacific
SERVRON Service Squadron
SONYD Secretary's Office, Navy Yard Division
SOSED Secretary's Office, Shore Establishment Division
SPAB Supply, Priorities and Allocations Board
SPARS Coast Guard Women's Reserve
SSDB Shore Station Development Board
SWINK State War Navy Coordinating Committee
SWNCC State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee
TCC Transportation Control Committee
Typo Typographic
USAFI United States Armed Forces Institute
USC&GS United States Coast and Geodetic Survey
USCG United States Coast Guar
USMC United States Marine Corps
USNAd United States Naval Academy
USNR United States Naval Reserve
USO United Services Organization
VAdm Vice Admiral
VIP Very important person
VT Variable time (fuze)
WAAC Women's Auxiliary Army Corps
WAVE Naval Women's Reserve


WIB War Industries Board
WMC War Manpower Commission
WPB War Production Board
WRB War Resources Board
WSA War Shipping Administration
YN1 Yeoman, first class, USN


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