Declassification Memo Found in NHC Files

18 January 1972

From: Commander, Naval Air Systems Command
To: Grumman Aerospace Corporation
      South Oyster Bay Road
      Bethpage, New York 11714

Subj: Declassification of Documents

1. The following documents are hereby declassified:

            Standard Aircraft Characteristics F9F-6 "Cougar" of 1 July 1953

            Standard Aircraft Characteristics F9F-8 "Cougar" of 15 April 1957

            Standard Aircraft Characteristics F9F-7 "Cougar" of 1 October 1955

            Standard Aircraft Characteristics F9F-8B "Cougar" of 15 October 1956
            (Rev. 15 April 1957)

            Standard Aircraft Characteristics F9F-8P "Cougar" of 30 April 1958

            Standard Aircraft Characteristics F9F-8T "Cougar" of 10 February 1958

2. Cite this letter as authority for re-marking action and notify all holders.

    By direction

Copy to:
DCASR, New York
NAVPRO, Bethpage


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