It was indeed an eventful day when man stepped from the path of his upward climb for the purpose of starting war. While his travel along the road to progress has been notable, he has found occasion to pause more times than civilization would care to admit, in order to seize, save, or sanctify those things of his neighbor which he deemed worthy of the effort.

The improvements in methods of transportation, communication, medicine, and divers other tilings are of such vast proportions that they seem magical in comparison with their predecessors. The years since the advent of gunpowder have seen the replacement of the oxcart by the jet plane, the town crier by television, and snake oil by penicillin but there have been no such phenomena with respect to progress in projectile delivery.

In armament man has yet to achieve the mental capacity to replace the earliest of his discoveries, the missile weapon, first brought about by the hasty throwing of a rock. True, throughout the years, countless thousands of hours have been expended, along with sums of money, too fabulous to estimate, in an effort to break away from this mode of lethal delivery. However, the result has been only a refinement--evolutionary, but in no sense revolutionary.


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