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--- J ---

 J -- First letter in the Navy aircraft designation, indicating a utility plane

 J -- North American Aviation Corporation (manufacturer's symbol)

 J -- Converted to a utility airplane (suffix to plane designation)

 JA -- Judge Advocate

 JA-# -- "Norseman"; single-engine Navy utility plane (VJ), manufactured by Noorduyn

 JAAF -- Japanese Army Air Force

 JACCI -- Joint Allocation Committee Civil Intelligence (US & GB)

"Jackal" -- Barrage jammer (radar and radar countermeasure)

 JACSPAC -- Joint Air Communications of the Pacific

 JAG -- Judge Advocate General

 JAGD -- Judge Advocate General's Department (Army)

*JAN -- Joint Army-Navy

 JANCOM -- Joint Army-Navy Communications

 JANET -- Joint Army-Navy Experimental and Testing Board

 JAN Grid -- Joint Army-Navy Grid

 JANIC -- Joint Army-Navy Information Center

 JANIS -- Joint Army-Navy Intelligence Studies

 JANP -- Joint Army-Navy Publication

 JANWSA -- Joint Army-Navy-War Shipping Administration

 JAP -- Japanese

 JAPA -- Japan Area

 JASASA -- Joint Air-Surface Anti-Submarine Action

#JASCO -- Joint Assault Signal Company

 JATO -- Jet Assisted Take-Off

 JB -- Joint Army-Navy Board

 JB-2 -- American version of German V-1 flying bomb

 JB-2 -- Twin-engine Navy, special plane

 JCA -- Joint Communications Activity

 JCAC -- Joint Civil Affairs Committee

 JCB -- Joint Communications Board

*JCC -- Joint Communications Center

 JCS -- Joint Chiefs of Staff (US-GB) [sic: should be US? CCS (Combined Chiefs of Staff) for US-GB group?]

 JD -- "Invader"; twin-engine Navy utility plane (VJ(M)), manufactured by Douglas

 Jd -- Joined (USMC)

 JDCS -- Joint Deputy Chiefs of Staff

 Jdenl -- Joined by enlistment (USMC)

 Jdfr -- Joined from (USMC)

 Jdind -- Joined by induction (USMC)

 JDPC -- Joint Defense Production Committee (later changed to Joint War Production Committee)

 Jdreenl -- Joined by reenlistment (USMC)

 Jds/RS -- Joined by Staff Returns (USMC)

 JEEP -- Small open Army motor car

 JEIA -- Joint Electronics Information Agency

 J2F-3-5 -- "Duck"; single-engine Navy utility (VJ), biplane, manufactured by Gruman

 J2F-6 -- "Duck"; single-engine Navy utility (VJ), biplane, manufactured by Columbia

 J4F-# -- "Widgeon"; twin-engine Gruman, Navy utility plane (VJ(M)), manufactured by Gruman

*JIC -- Joint Intelligence Center

 JIC -- Joint Intelligence Committee

 JICA -- Joint Intelligence Center, Africa

 JICA -- Joint Intelligence Collecting Agency (USMC)

 JICACBI -- Joint Intelligence Collecting Agency, China, Burma, India

 JICAME -- Joint Intelligence Collecting Agency, Middle East

 JICANA -- Joint Intelligence Collecting Agency, North Africa

 JICARC -- Joint Intelligence Collecting Agency, Reception Committee (Navy Department)

#JICPOA -- Joint Intelligence Center, Pacific Ocean Areas

 Jig -- "J" in the phonetic alphabet

 JIS -- Joint Intelligence Staff

 JISPB -- Joint Intelligence Studies Publishing Board

 JLC -- Joint Logistics Committee

 JLPC -- Joint Logistics Plans Committee

 JM-# -- "Marauder"; twin-engine Navy utility plane (VJ(M)), manufactured by Martin

 JMAC -- Joint Munitions Allocation Committee

 JMC -- Joint Meteorological Committee

 JMTC -- Joint Military Transportation Committee

 JMVB -- Joint Merchant Vessels Board

 JNW -- Joint Committee on New Weapons and Equipment

 JOC -- Joint Operations Center

 JOC Squadron -- Observation plane squadron (obsolete)

 JOSCO -- Joint Overseas Shipping Control Office

 JP -- Type of sonar

 JPB -- Joint Planning Board

 JPB -- Joint Purchasing Board

 JPC -- Joint Planning Committee

 JPPL -- Joint Personnel Priority List

 JPS -- Joint Planing Staff (US & GB)

 JPSC -- Joint Production Survey Committee

 JPWC -- Joint Post-War Committee

 JR -- First two letters in the Navy aircraft designation, indicating a utility-transport plane

 JRB-1-4 -- "Expeditor"; twin-engine Navy utility plane (VJ(M)), manufactured by Beech

 JRB-2-3-4 -- "Voyager"; twin-engine Navy utility plane (VJ(M)), manufactured by Beech

 JRC-# -- "Bobcat"; twin-engine Navy utility (VJ(M)), manufactured by Cessna

 JRF-# -- "Goose"; twin-engine Navy utility (VJ(M)), manufactured by Gruman

 JRM-# -- "Mars"; four-engine Navy transport (VR(HS)), seaplane, manufactured by Martin

 JRPM -- Joint Registered Publications Memorandum

 JRS-# -- "Excalibur"; four-engine Navy transport (VR(HS)), manufactured by Sikorsky

 JSC -- Joint Security Control

 JSC -- Joint Strategic Committee

 JSIA -- Joint Service Induction Area

 JSM -- Joint Staff Mission (GB)

 JSOC -- Joint Ship Operations Committee

 JSP -- Joint Staff Planners (Joint Chiefs of Staff)

 JSRC -- Joint Ship Repair Committee

 JSSC -- Joint Strategic Survey Committee

 JT -- Rio de Janeiro to Trinidad (routing designation)

 JT -- Type of sonar

 JTF -- Joint Task Force

 JTR -- Joint Termination Regulation

 JUSSC -- Joint U.S. Strategic Committee

 JWPC -- Joint War Plans Committee

 JWPC -- Joint War Production Committee

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