Searchlight Control Sets


SCR-268 and SCR-268-B Mobile Long Wave Searchlight Control Set


DESCRIPTION: Mobile medium-range long-wave searchlight control, AAAIS, and substitute gun-laying equipment. SCR-268 consists of two trailers; SCR-268-B, of a trailer and 4 trucks, Uses IFF RC-148.
USES: To search for targets and furnish position data for AAAIS. Transmits present azimuth and angular height to searchlight control station for directing searchlight. Transmits present azimuth, angular height and altitude to M-4, M-7, or M-9 directors for gun-laying.
Reliable maximum range, 50,000 yds. Minimum range, 3000 yds. With set carefully oriented and aligned, average errors are as follows: altitude, 100 yds; azimuth, 10 mils; angular height (above 350 mils), 10 mils. Orientation and alignment are complex, and must be checked daily. For best results, set should be located on high ground, level for 100 yds. roundabout.
TRANSPORTABILITY: Equipment is carried in vehicles. Total weight of SCR-268 is 15 tons. Largest vehicle weighs 9 tons and measures 8' x 102/3' x 18'. total weight of SCR-268-B is 42.6 tons. Largest vehicle weighs 14 tons and measures 81/3' x 11' x 243/4'.
INSTALLATION: Thirteen men can install set and obtain approximate data in 2 hrs. Accurate orientation and alignment take 4 more hours.
PERSONNEL: Minimum of 5 operators and a Chief Radar Operator are required.
POWER: 9 KVA, 120 V, 50-60 cycles AC required. Source is generator (supplied with set). Unleaded gasoline should be used when possible. Consumption is 3 to 4 gal. per hour. Modification kit PE-178 permits operation on commercial power.


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