U.S. Radar

Operational Characteristics of Radar
Classified by Tactical Application

FTP 217


Prepared by Authority of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, by the
Radar Research and Development Sub-Committee of the Joint
Committee on New Weapons and Equipment

1 AUGUST 1943

  1. The publication "U.S. Radar - Operational Characteristics of Available Equipment Classified by Tactical Application", short title FTP 217, is issued for the guidance of those concerned in planning of future operations.

  2. FTP 217 is effective upon receipt. It is a SECRET registered publication, and is to be transported, handled, and accounted for by U.S. Navy holders in compliance with U.S. Navy Regulations and the current edition of the Registered Publications Manual or by U.S. Army holders in accordance with A.R. 380-5. The Adjutant General's Office, Operations Branch, 2-B-939, Pentagon Building, Washington, D.C., is designated as the office of record, for U.S. Army holders.

  3. It is forbidden to make extracts from or to copy this publication without specific authority from The Joint Chiefs of Staff, except as provided for in Article 516 of the Registered Publications Manual.

  4. FTP 217 is not intended for use in aircraft. When not in use, it is to be given secure stowage as provided in the Registered Publications Manual or A.R. 380-5.

Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy
Deputy Chief of staff
Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Fleet
and Chief of Naval Operations
Lieutenant General, U.S. Army
Deputy Chief of Staff


Introduction 1
Shipborne Search Sets 13
  CXAM and CXAM-1 Long Wave Search Sets for Large Ships 14
  SC, SC-1, SC-2, and SC-3 Long Wave Search Sets for Destroyers and Larger 15
  SK Long Wave Search Set for Large Ships 16
  SG Microwave Search Set for Destroyers and Larger 17
  SA and SA-1 Long Wave Search Sets for Destroyers 18
  SH Microwave Search and Fire Control Set for Cargo Ships 19
  SF Microwave Search Set for Destroyer Escorts and Lighter 20
  SE Microwave Search Set for Small Ships 21
  SL Microwave Search Set for Small Ships 22
  SD-a, SD-1, SD-2, and SD-3 Long Wave Search Sets for Submarines 23
  SJ Microwave Search and Torpedo Control for Submarines 24
  SO Series Microwave Search and Torpedo Control for Small Craft 25
  SN and *SQ Portable Microwave Set 26
  *SW Portable Medium Wave Set 27
  *SB Portable Medium Wave Set 27
Ship Fire Control Sets 29
  Mark 3 Medium Wave Fire Control for Main Batteries 30
  Mark 8 Microwave Fire Control for Main Batteries 31
  Mark 4 and *Mark 12 Medium Wave Fire Control for Dual Purpose Batteries 32
  *Mark 10 Microwave Antiaircraft Fire Control 33
  *Mark 11 and *Mark 19 Microwave Antiaircraft Fire Control 34
Long-Range Aircraft Warning Sets 35
  SCR-270-D Mobile Long Wave Aircraft Warning Set 36
  SCR-271-D and SCR-271-E Fixed Long Wave Aircraft Warning Set 37
Seacoast Artillery Sets 39
  SCR-582 Fixed Microwave Seacoast Artillery Set 40
  *SCR-682 Transportable Microwave Seacoast Artillery Set 41
  SCR-296-A Fixed Medium Wave Coast Artillery Fire Control Set 42
  *Mark 16 Mobile Microwave Search and Fire Control Set 43
Searchlight Control Sets 46
  SCR-268 and SCR-268-B Mobile Long Wave Searchlight Control Set 46
Anti-Aircraft Fire Control Sets 47
  SCR-547 Mobile Microwave Radar-Optical Height Finder 48
  SCR-545 Mobile Long wave Aircraft Search and Microwave AA Fire Control 49
  SCR-584 Mobile Microwave Anti-Aircraft Fire Control Set 50
GCI--Ground or Ship Control-of-Interception Sets 51
  SCR-588 Long Wave Aircraft Detector and GCI 52
  SCR-527 Mobile Long Wave Aircraft Detector and GCI 53
  SCR-615-A and SCR-615-B Microwave Aircraft Detectors for GCI 54
  *SCR-627 Long Wave GCI 55
  *SM Microwave Shipborne GCI Set 56
AI -- Aircraft Interception Sets 57
  SCR-540 Long Wave AI Set 58
  SCR-520-B and SCR-720-A Microwave AI Sets 59
  AIA Microwave AI Set for Single-Seated Fighters 60
Lightweight Aircraft Warning Sets 61
  SCR-602-A and SCR-602-T6 Light Transportable Aircraft Detectors 62
  *AN/TPS-1 (*SCR-602-T3) Light Transportable Aircraft Detector 63
  *AN/TPS-3 (*SCR-602-T8) Light Transportable Aircraft Detector 64
ASV -- Air-to-Surface Search Sets 65
  SCR-521-A or ASVC, and SCR-521-B or ASE Long Wave ASV Sets 66
  ASA Medium Wave ASV Set 67
  ASB and "ASB Series" Medium Wave ASV Sets 68
  SCR-517-A, SCR-517-B or ASC-1, and SCR-517-C Microwave ASV Sets 69
  SCR-717-A and SCR-717-B Microwave Small-Package ASV Sets 70
  ASD Microwave ASV Set 71
  ASG, ASG-1, AN/APS-2a, (ASG-2) and AN/APS-2 (ASG-3) Microwave ASV Sets 72
  *AN/APS-3 (ASD-1) Microwave ASV and Torpedo-Laying Set 73
  *AN/APS-4 (ASH) Lightweight ASV and Interception Set 74
Bombing Aids 75
  AN/APQ-5 (RC-217) Bombing Attachment to Microwave ASV Sets 76
  *AN/APS.15 Microwave ASV and High Altitude Bombing Set 77
Navigation Sets 79
  SCR-518-A or AYA High-Altitude Pulse Altimeter 80
  *SCR-718 Pulse Altimeter 81
  AYB, AN/ARN-1 (RC-24 and AYD-5) and AN/APN-1 (AYF) Low-Altitude FM Altimeters 82
  SCR-640, SCR-621 or YH, and *YJ Long Wave Racons 83
  *AN/CPN-3 (*SCR-620 or *YK) and *AN/CPN-6 Microwave Ground or Shipborne Racons 84
  *AN/TPN-1 and *AN/PPN-1 Light Weight Long Wave "Eureka" Racons 85
  *AN/APN-2 Airborne Long wave "Rebecca" Interrogator-Responsor 86
  LORAN Long-range Navigation System 87
IFF -- Identification Sets 89
  IFF -- Introduction   90
  SCR-535 or ABE, and ABD Mark II Airborne Transpondors 95
  SCR-595, ABK or BK -- Mark III Airborne or Shipborne Transpondors 96
  SCR-695 or ABF Mark III Airborne Transpondor 97
  *AN/APX-1 Mark III Airborne Transpondor 98
  *AN/APX-2 (ABJ) Mark III Airborne IRT 99
  *AN/APA-1 Pilot Repeat Indicator 100
  SCR-729 Mark III Airborne IR 100
  *AN/APN-8 Airborne Radar Transpondor beacon 101
  BL and *BM Mark III (A Band) Shipborne IR 101
  BN Mark III (A Band) Low Power Shipborne IR 102
  *BO Mark III (G Band) High Power Shipborne IR 102
Miscellaneous 105
  MAD (Type 4B2, AN/ASO-1, AN/ASQ-1a, AN/AS1-3) Magnetic Detectors 106
  AN/CRT-1 and AN/ARR-3 Sono-Radio buoys 107
Glossary of Terms 109
List of Equipments by Army-Navy Joint Designation 113
* Available for issue in latter part of 1943.

Transcribed and formatted by Patrick Clancey, HyperWar Foundation