Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945

CA-35 USS Indianapolis

Served as Adm. Spruance's Fifth Fleet flagship at Iwo Jima and until struck by a kamikaze the day before the Okinawa landings, 31 Mar 1945

: Sailing for Leyte, via Guam, after delivering key elements of the atomic bombs to Tinian, Indianapolis was torpedoed by I-58 on the night of 29-30 Jul 1945. Approximately 800-850 men survived the sinking, but only 316 remained to be rescued after 3 1/2-5 days in shark-filled waters. The movie "Jaws" contains a powerful scene recounting the ordeal of the survivors.

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At Mare Island, 10 July 45 -- just before departing for Tinian with the Bomb

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