Serial (C-050)
  Pearl Harbor, T.H.
December 10, 1941.

From: The Commanding Officer.
To: The Commander-in-Chief, United States Pacific Fleet.
Subject: Raid of December Seventh - Report of.
Reference: (a) Cincpac Conf despatch 102102 of Dec 1941.

  1. During period of raid this vessel was moored at Berth 1, Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor, T.H. undergoing scheduled Navy Yard overhaul.

  2. Raid commenced at 0755. At 0803 enemy planes passed within range and arc of fire. Opened fire with .30 and .50 caliber machine guns.

  3. Between 0845 and 0905 dive bombing and strafing attacks made by enemy. Replied with .30 and .50 caliber machine guns.

  4. Between 0945 and 1000 joined in fire against enemy bombers with .30 and .50 caliber machine guns.

  5. No positively known damage inflicted upon enemy by this vessel's fire.

  6. No material damage received by this vessel.

  7. MEYERS, C.A.., S2c, USN received bullet wound in right lung during strafing attack. He was treated at the Navy Hospital. Latest report is that MEYERS is not seriously wounded.

  8. Enemy bombing and torpedo attack heavy in vicinity of dock abreast of vessel. Nearest bomb twenty feet off starboard quarter. It did not explode. Nearest torpedo 100 yards astern.

  9. Mechanism resembling arming fan for a bomb found on dock abreast of vessel. Threads are metric. Disposition of material - Turned in to CSS 4 Gunnery Officer.

  10. The commanding officer was greatly pleased with the composure under fire; ability and energy displayed by his crew during this raid.



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