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Welcome. This is the web site for the etree music server "Jamz". The live music is in SHN format and is of bands such as Dave Matthews Band , Jimi Hendrix , Phish , Radiohead , Ani Difranco and Rusted Root .

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News - A login limit of 80 people has started to be enforced for the jamz server. This is due to extremely poor download rates with unlimited logins. Additionally, jamz has been set up to be mirrored on the Etree Audio Web Archive .

I am currently looking for some traditional jazz shows to add to my server. Yet, many jazz people don't allow their shows to be taped. So, first check the Furthurnet Legally Traded Bandlist . If the artist is there, feel free to upload the show to my server. That should be used as a general rule for server uploads. Only upload a show if it is on the Furthurnet Legally Traded Bandlist.

The server is accessible via http or ftp.
To access it via http, go to http://music.ibiblio.org/pub/multimedia/jamz
To access it via ftp, go to ftp://music.ibiblio.org/pub/multimedia/jamz
You can access both anonymously, on standard ports.
For information on how to use the SHN files on the server, go the the etree.org general faq .
If you still have questions after reading that faq, see some of the other etree.org faqs .
To upload your live SHN music to the server, point your FTP client to ftp://music.ibiblio.org/incoming/jamz . You can only upload files - creating directories won't work. Email me at (dylan at ibiblio dot org)

Server updates are occassionally posted to the etree.org announce list .

For an explanation of what the folder abbreviations mean on jamz, go here .
There is also more music on ibiblio.org available at tune tree

Please make sure you have read the above listed faqs, posted to the bulletin board and looked around on the internet before you email me at (dylan at ibiblio dot org) asking for help.

The shows are organized into two categories: SBD sources hows, and non-SBD sourced shows. If you didn't know, SBD means soundboard.


The Slip 4.19.03


I attended this show and it is nothing but incredible. Highlights include an instrumental cover of Imagine, some Zeppelin covers as well as a TV being smashed. There is also a nice Kaki Kung filler for disk three included. Some pictures from the show are in a zip file here.

For the Rusted Root news page that was formerly at this location, go here (no longer maintained).

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