Digital Recording Setup

The most important piece of equipment in the recording process is the microphone. I use a high quality hand built large diaphragm tube condenser microphone with 11 selectable patterns.

Stedman 1100B

The medium is secondary, but must be of sufficient quality so as to not degrade the signal from the microphone. I built this computer from scratch. It's a 3GHz duel core intel processor with an Intel D875PBZ chip set and mother board with six 7200RPM hard drives, 1 GB of RAM, over 1000 GB of NTFS hard drive storage, and two 19"monitors, running Windows XP.

Right click and save image to see more detail.

I Have several USB interfaces that I use for different occasions. Digidesign Mbox, on top of my left Genelec monitor, an Edirol UA-25 and a

Lexicon Omega

Edirol UA-25

The software that simulates a multi-track recording machine is very important as well. I use Adobe Audition 2.0 which has unlimited tracks of digital audio at 44.1 KHz 24-bit, much better than CD quality.

I also have Pro Tools for the sake of compatibility.