Downloading music from Folkden


Downloading music from Folkden is easy and you have a couple of options. You can either manually download songs directly from the Folkden Pages or you can subscribe to the Folkden Podcast and let your RSS aggregator download them for you.

Download a song from the Folkden webpages
To download songs manually from the Folkden web pages right click on the link to the Mp3. A dropdown menu will appear. Select the “Save Link As” option. Your browser will begin to download the audio file.

Subscribe to the Folkden Podcast
First, you might be asking “What’s a Podcast?” Basically, a podcast is a news feed that has audio files attached to it. By subscribing to a podcast with special software like iPodderX (mac), iPodder (windows), or iTunes (mac/windows) you can automatically download mp3s attached to the feed. For more detailed information see a a good definition of Podcasting at Wikipedia.

Now you probably want to know how to subscribe to our podcast.

If you don’t already have an RSS aggregator find one that you like, download it and install it.

Once you have an RSS aggregator installed add a new subscription feed and point it at by setting the subscription url.

If you are using Apple’s iTunes software to manage your podcasts select the ‘Podcasts’ item in the left-hand sidebar. When the podcasts main page loads go to the search box and search for ‘mcguinn’. This should return the Folkden Podcast. Click on the subscribe button in the ‘Price’ column. You’ve finished subscribing to the Folkden Podcast and an begin listening to songs in the feed.