How I create Folk Den recordings


The most important piece of equipment in the recording process is the microphone. I use a high quality hand built large diaphragm tube condenser microphone with 11 selectable patterns.  The Stedman 1100b .


The medium is secondary, but must be of sufficient quality so as to not degrade the signal from the microphone. I just built a computer from scratch with four 7200RPM hard drives, 1 GB of RAM, 280 GB of NTFS drive space, two monitors, running Windows XP.

I'm using a Lexicon Omega 24-bit USB interface with four simultaneous record channels


The software that simulates a multi-track recording machine is very important as well. I use Adobe Audition. This gives me 128 tracks of digital audio at 44.1 KHz 24-bit or better than CD quality. The program will allow me to mix down to the MP3 format.


Once the multitrack recording is complete, I mix it down and send it to my web site a where it is available to people around the world.





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