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Guide to Home Recording on a Computer 


Taught By Roger McGuinn.
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A few years ago, Roger McGuinn made a CD called "Treasures from the Folk Den." He traveled the country, recording classic songs on location with folk legends such as Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Pete Seeger, Josh White, Jr. and Odetta, among others. The resulting CD, which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2001 for Best Traditional Folk Album, was made entirely on his laptop!

Roger has since become a major advocate of multi-track recording on a basic home computer set-up. On this DVD, he shares what he has learned about making CDs with beginners who would like to make their own home recordings this way. Using his compelling song "May the Road Rise" (co-written with his wife, Camilla McGuinn) as an example, he replicates the process by which he records a song from conception to final product. He demonstrates, step-by-step, how he lays down the basic tracks, overdubs his vocals, adds harmonies and guitar riffs, doubles the parts and comes up with a complete recording with his trademark vocal and guitar sound. Finally, you1ll see how Roger mixes the result to a two-track stereo file and burns it to a CD.

Roger's equipment set-up, ideas about mic placement, advice on how to back up your project, and other tips will get you started recording your own songs on your computer.

BONUS: An interview with Roger, made for Dell Computers, in which he talks about his background, musical ideas and enthusiasm for the possibilities inherent in home computer recording.

Here’s the basic stuff you’ll need to begin recording on your PC or Mac (from the booklet enclosed with the DVD):

1) Recording Software, such as Cool Edit (now called Adobe Audition), Logic, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, etc.

2) A laptop or desktop computer, PC or Mac, that meets or surpasses the minimum requirements set forth by your software.

3) An audio interface. There are many different options in this category, and some basic types will be diagramed in the booklet

4) Headphones

5) At least 1 microphone and / or instrument with direct output (example: acoustic guitar with a pickup)

6) Audio mixer. This is optional, depending on the type of audio interface you choose

7) External hard drive. This is also optional, depending on whether you are using a laptop or desktop, and your disk space and disk speed requirements.

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