Background on the people
involved in the project.
How we intend these modules
to be used in the classroom.
Hardware and software requirements.
Information for instructors using our materials.

The Project Links Modules

Hardware and Software Guidelines
Recommendations for setting up your computer to maximize your time with Project Links.
Developers' Connection
Documentation and services for current developers and programmers, and for those with new module ideas.
Jobs with Project Links
Information for those RPI students with programming skills in Java, HTML, and Director.
2001 ASME Award
2001 ASME
Curriculum Innovation Award
2000 NEEDS Award
2000 NEEDS Premier Award
for Excellence in Engineering
[2/24/03]: The website has been updated. The electromagtic field applets have been fixed, and a preliminary version of the module "compatibility mode" has been deployed.
[1/3/03]: We have completed a major website update. Please be sure to check our new Technical Requirements.