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[nafex] (unknown)

I have three plums all with P americana genes blooming in Madison WI 
which had no bloom overlap as far as I could tell- Superior was the 
first to bloom, Waneta second and Prunus americana last. That by the 
way is the same order of their degree of hardiness (assuming that P 
americana is hardier than Waneta). I had grafted the hybrids about    
2 1/2 feet high on an americana frame. I left some lower americana 
branches on for pollination thinking that, as Bernie related, the
plum would be the best pollinator for any of its hybrids. What a 
disappointment to find them all blooming at different times. I don't 
think that this happened in my zone three orchard, I think their 
bloom times overlap somewhat. Madison is in zone 5, I'm not sure 
about this but I think that the there is a big difference in bloom 
overlap between zone 3 and zone 5. (ie that the bloom times do
in zone 3 but don't in zone 5.) I think I have about 5 different 
Jap/Am hybrids blooming this year in my zone 3 orchard but wasn't 
there at bloom time. Can anyone tell me more about which plums will 
pollinate which between Superior, Alderman, Tecumseh, Monitor, Toka, 
Pipestone, and Waneta? 
Kevin B

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