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Re: [nafex] Re: Apple seed storage

> Stratification didn't seem to be the problem, too early germination
> did.
> I guess jhecksel will have to let us know what he was looking for.

As you deduced, early germination was my concern.  I will probably go
Lucky's method of using the cornmeal to gently dehydrate the
in the 'fridge...then rehydrate and stratify about 90 days prior to

One of the ironic things is that most modern breeding programs have
pitched dozens of seedlings that would meet my needs.  Must be scab
and fireblight resistant.  I want an apple that is a minimum of 2.5"
diameter (63mm).  Color/russeting is not important.  High acidity (0.7%
1.0% malic acid).  Fairly high sugar (14.5%).  Astringent.  Ripens with
Golden Delicious.

The gate for apples that are marketable for fresh produce is very
The apple described above is too small, too ugly, too sour and too
astringent for modern "tastes".

Best regards from Eaton Rapids, Michigan        Joe Hecksel

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