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Re: [nafex] Black Walnut skin removal

Gordon C Nofs wrote:
> Cement mixer, little water, brocken concrete.
>           Gordon
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> I am in Colorado and have a black walnut loaded with nuts this year---Can
> anyone
> suggest a methop of getting the outside covering off without permanently
> dying
> hands and everything within 5 yards?????
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Attaway Gordo! I've tried soaking in washing soda, it helps but I think
you have hit the nail on the head. I've got a hand-cranked type, small,
but big enough for all I,m gonna shell and pick. I went to the easy to
shell type (Boellner Kwik-Krop and Thomas cultivar). Thomas did better
for me. Took ten years for a decent crop but have to beat the squirrels
to 'em. Made gunstocks out of the native walnut trees but in this area
of hot weather and plenty of rain, the wood sucks for close grain and
beauty. I try to discourage planting of the natives. Yeah, I know they
are cheap but as is discussed here, a royal PITA. Doc Lisenby SC Zone

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