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[nafex] FW: antique apple

Can someone help Stephen Posey, below, with identifying his apple?  Ed, how
about you?
Please reply to his address.
-Lon Rombough
From: STEPHENPOSEY@aol.com
Subject: antique apple
Date: Fri, Jul 14, 2000, 10:19 AM

 dear lon,  i have a very unusual apple tree in my yard that my dad planted 
when i was a kid, i am now 41 years old.  this tree was grown from a sprout 
taken from underneath a volunteer tree that was already growing when the
was settled probably 75 years ago or longer.  i have in my hand a green 
flattened apple that measures 4" across by 3 1/4" thick. it resembles the
"horse apple" but is different. it was used back then for drying. it is very

crisp with firm tart flesh that gets sweeter as it matures. it has an 
excellent sweet/tart flavor eaten out of hand. it is a spur type tree that
naturally semi-dwarf or dwarf. it is just absolutely loaded with apples. it 
developes thin red stripes radiating from the top of the apple as it reaches

maturity. could you tell me what kind of apple this is?  many thanks,   
stephen posey

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