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Re: [nafex] Apple Recommendations

The best tasting apples that grow in your area? Worldwide? So many apples to
choose from!   And taste is so subjective.
If I had to pick only one apple to live with it would be Jonagold. It does so
much so well. But I would much rather have other apples to complement such as
Hudson's Golden Gem, Belle de Boskoop, Freyburg, (which, incidentally, is
described here by having a licorice taste. I don't like licorice, but I love the
apple) Gravenstein, King, Akane, Melrose, oh, there are more, so many more!
Good luck,

Doreen Howard wrote:

> I may be writing a small book on the best tasting apples.  I'll have to
> limit the selection to about 30 varieties.  All you apple experts and
> growers out there, how about your recommendations for the best tasting
> apple?
> I've already started to photograph some apples--Black Gilliflower (which
> tasted great), Cox's Orange Pippin, Wolf River (a bit too tart for my taste,
> but good flavor) and Prairie Spy.  I will include Esopus Spitzenberg (my
> absolute favorite), Hudson's Golden Gem and Pitsmaston Pineapple.  All three
> are winners in my opinion.  Let's hear yours.
> Doreen Howard
> Zone 4-b--Wisconsin

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