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Re: [nafex] Nafex membership

In a message dated 12/08/00 12:00:16 PM, sweetent@home.com writes:

<< Participation in this list should be promoted to the general gardening
public as part of the out reach efforts that are usually a requirement
of IRS non-profit organizations. >> [snip]

I can see the value for such a list, but I do not want to be on it.  Over the 
years I have dropped out of one open list after another when it was clear 
that the discussion always dragged down to lowest common denominator.  It is 
good for beginners and knowledgeable people with time on their hands to 
communicate.  it is also good to have a place where people at least serious 
enough to join the organization can communicate without having to wade 
through and delete limitless same-old/same-old posts initiated by people to 
lazy to first see if the archives answer their question.  When I signed on to 
this address this morning, there were 82 posts waiting for me.  I am 
subscribed to exactly two lists on this address, both purportedly for people 
with a serious interest.  A certain amount of repitetion is inevitable as new 
people come on, but it gets insupportable when just anyone can sign on.  If I 
can spare some time, I do sign on to one of the general permaculture or 
gradening lists from time to time to help out.  Generally, the people answer 
questions on such lists are neophyte wannabes who know a lot of things that 
aren't true.  The level of value in this list has been generally high.  I'd 
hate to see it degrade by dillution and discouragement of the people who 
really know something.


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