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[nafex] re when is it too late to field graft?

 Ed YOU ARE DEPENDABLE!!  Love ya!!  Tom and  Don,  Thanks for 
responding.  I;m a beginner too.  Hence Grafting quuestions...   I 
can barley type!!  Yes here in (25 mi. NNWof Rockford ,Il.  In Dec. 
we broke the All time record for snowfall.!!  So much for GLOBAL 
WARMING.11  Anyway ,   why B9"s  I can:t remember why I thought they 
were the best.   Except that Frank Foltz  .. North Wind Nursery... 
was buying some and He is my mentor!!  I like the Mnn. releases 
Keepsake..  It was my first wake-up apple.   I;m sure I;ll get alot 
more.  Anyway he tought me to graft etc.  and started me down the 
path.   I'm soooo glad to know that I'm not the only one who;s 
ambitions have ggotten ahead of them.  I didn't get the grafting done 
last year ,, I guess its normal.   B.9 sounded right  ( not much 
land.  and M27 (mini dwarfs to explore more.  AMini orshard. 
    Any way I guess I'm at about the end time for spring grafting the 
B9  M27 is still tight I have some dormnt wood still .   Hate to put 
it in the freezer.  I;ll never do justice to everyone who gave me 
scion wood.. Except I have started some people under me too.. and I 
know its  responsibilty that noone can fully live up to...Right? .... 
Later, Dennis 

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