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[nafex] Banana Splits

You know, Claude,  I can see how you could leave a stalk of bananas on
the tree if you can control moisture.  During the rainy season in Saipan
we received tropical deluges of three inches or more after a few dry,
very sunny days.  This is probably what caused my bananas to split.
That would not happen in San Diego.  After I lost a few beautiful stalks
to the splits, I became gun-shy, and started taking them down earlier.
You are certainly right that you have to eat bananas pretty fast to get
through a whole stalk.  The ones that split the worst were Williams.
The little fingerlings and a red banana that I grew didn't seem to
suffer from it.  The worst threat to bananas out there in the Pacific is
typhoon season.

Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA


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