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[nafex] I have red leaves on my grape cuttings.

Hello all
I am unable to offer advice on the following e-mail from Carl .
I have similar happening on only one of the 30 odd varieties of cuttings I'm
growing this year . Two out of 4 healthy rooted cuttings  of this hybrid are
turning maple leaf red
The affected variety is a new hybrid cuttings I received from the praries in
Dec 2,000 so it should have nil to do with Carl's problem .
My cuttings have not been subjected to frost, fluctuations in heat, and have
only been watered with rain water- Carl wondered if any of these three items
was contributory to his/my problem
Can anyone assist Carl and myself with why? how to remedy?
many thanks          Bert

Bert Dunn   RR4 Tottenham   Ont    zone 4b

see also http://www.littlefatwino.com/bertslist.html

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From: "carl kimmett" <carl.kimmett@sympatico.ca>
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Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2001 8:31 PM
Subject: OOps, I have red leaves on my cuttings.

> Hello Bert,
> I wish that I could report success with my grape cuttings from you but I
> have a major problem.
> Don't worry its not the cuttings but I need advise. The propagation
> proceeded just fine in the heated greenhouse and I had about 75% rooting
> in short order. As space was a concern I moved all cuttings to an
> unheated house in mid-April. We had one frost that entered the house and
> also some extra hot days when the fan system did not work properly. The
> first symptoms , over time,was 'scorch' on the smallest leaves of the
> newest cuttings; not all were moved at the same time. As of today all
> leaves have turned red and dropped form the cuttings, not very pretty.
> The roots are not active but seem OK.
>  On May 10, I learned that the water source in this greenhouse is on a
> private well, and the water has a 'sulphur' base. This was news to me
> and the technican who last used the greenhouse. The water does smell of
> sulphur or iron. I have not used this source since discovery.
> As of May 15, I moved every thing out of the g.h. to my cold frames,
> have loosend all soil and transplanted to new soil. AS of today I have
> no original leaves but maybe 5-10% re-sprout. I cannot identify any
> lesions on the infected leaves. All grape varieties reacted in the same
> way.  I am buffaloed.
> You should know the some non-grape cuttings had similar symptoms but
> with no recovery.
> Have you any wisdom for this dejected propagator.
> Thanks,
> Carl Kimmett


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