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Re: [nafex] Round up damage

Last summer I tried to spot kill quack grass and vetch in my perennial bed. I
was really short on time and thought this might work and also thin out my New
England Asters at the same time. I was careful to cover the plants that were not
being targeted except for the asters. This strategy worked great. The only
problem I noted was that some plants which had not been in contact with the
Roundup exhibited weakness later in the season. This made me wonder if maybe the
Roundup that had been absorbed into the roots and therefore was present in the
soil, became available to some of the nearby plants that might be more
vic NH zone 3

Ward Barnes wrote:

> Hi:
> >> > Is there any advice for plants that have been Round Up damaged?  Any
> >>care that would help them make survive/recover?
>         No real advice for a cure, but, I did manage to kill some tomato
> plants this spring when I over-sprayed a nasty vine.  The vine shuddered and
> then recovered.  This vine has roots as long as the vine itself and if dug
> leaving any root only encourages more to sprout.  On one peach tree that the
> vine had made a start in I had to use several applications of roundup to
> kill the vine, being very careful not to get any on the tree itself.  This
> also worked for some poison ivy that was found nearby.
> Has anyone had problems with roundup building up in the soil causing
> problems?
> Thanks,
> Ward,
> Wake, VA
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