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Re: [nafex] More on Stark, NAFEX, ETC


It would be great if we could get 2300 NAFEX'ers to work as a team.  We have 
problems getting 15 people to agree to serve on the Board of Directors.  Ed 
says that you are the only one to start a local group recently and I think 
that is great.  How many helpers do you have that really work?

Our CRFG group here in Sonoma County has over 100 on the e-mail and snail 
mail list but we only have a dozen that come to our meetings.  People seem 
too busy and have the attitude "let the other fellow do it".  By the way, we 
have a monthly newsletter that plugs NAFEX every issue.

Hope all come to Portland and attend the Board meeting to give us your 
thoughts and ideas.  We are meeting at 1:30 on Tuesday Sept. 11th at the 
hotel.  Check the web site for any changes.

David Ulmer
Sebastopol, CA


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