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Re: [nafex] Supplement to Del's heavenly Evans

At 11:54 PM 07/11/2001 -0500, Bernie wrote:
>You can get tissue cultured Evans cherries for less than $1.50 US, depending
>on quantity, and they ship to the US with the proper permits, as I
>understand it. http://www.dnagardens.com/ will get you the information, plus
>a lot of other very hardy, delicious fruit, ie Lee saskatoons.
I had an acquaintance in Rochester MN who attempted to order some plants 
from DNAGardens this spring, only to have them cash his check, then later 
send him a refund(after he called to see why his order hadn't arrived), 
saying it was more trouble for them to ship plants across the border than 
they were willing to go to.   Don't know if they'd change their tune for a 
larger order or not, and I'd sure like to get my hands on some of the Lee 
saskatoons, but I suppose until someone in the US starts propagating them, 
I won't be trialing 'em down here.

>Re root suckers on Evans, only one tree/bush in every 2 or 3 will send out
>root suckers.  The trees that do pop them up much like poplar trees on your
>lawn, little suckers that "magically" appear 1 to 8 ft. from the mother
>plant. You can also rototil the soil to encourage suckering, or simply dig
>and cut a section of root and plant the sections vertically in a pot and
>many will form new trees.
Guess I 'lucked up' and got one of the suckering trees(tissue cultured, 
from St. Lawrence Nurseries) - mine's been in the ground for 4 years now, 
and has been suckering for the past 3.  I've given away several to friends, 
and it seems like every time I dig one up, 2 new ones spring up.
Managed to get a half-dozen cherries off mine this year, from blossoms that 
survived two nights of sub-freezing temps in mid-April.  Certainly not a 
bumper crop, but just about par for everything else in the orchard this year.

Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY


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