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Re: [nafex] Blueberries

Mark, I didn't put down that much nitrogen this year.  (Or last, despite
how it sounds.) Both in total and in timing, I pretty much followed the
recommendations of "The Backyard Berry Book."  The bushes other than the
one that I replaced are looking very happy.  Lots of new growth in the
spring, dark green and hardening off now.

I'm a little worried about overdoing the epsom salts.  How much is
safe?  I may toss around some more aluminum sulfate, as I expect that is
fairly safe on blueberries.  Still, I think it's odd that this one spot
seems unfriendly.  Remember, I've had two different bushes look scraggly
in this spot, now.

Ginda Fisher
eastern MA, zone 6.

> Mark Garrison wrote:
> Ginda,  your blueberries are doing well to survive all that
> fertilizer.  If the scraggly ones show a "Christmas Tree" design in
> the veins, try a little more Epsom Salts.  If the pH is still high,
> sulfur is a sure way to bring it down.  And sometimes some bushes will
> just insist on being scraggly.
> Mark Garrison, RI zone 6

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