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Re: [nafex] Fruitgrowing and tetanus

Anyone living in the country and having direct access to farm animals and invasive thorn and the likes are more at risk of contraction tetanus than people living in appartments in town and working in offices, for sure. Similarly, kids playing in farm surroundings are more at risk than kids playing with video games indoors.
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Sent: Monday, August 06, 2001 8:01 AM
Subject: [nafex] Fruitgrowing and tetanus

Hello all:

Two things happened recently.  My eleven year old daughter went to get
her tetanus booster shot and was denied access because there is a
national shortage of tetanus vaccine.  My wife was told that the vaccine
was being saved for "high risk" individuals.  Then, I read in the USA
Today that Wyeth-Ayerst and Baxter Hyland Immuno stopped producing
tetanus vacine...leaving only Aventis Pasteur.

My question to the group:  What constitutes a "high risk" group?  I
figured that many NAFEX members qualify.  We grow some things with
bodacious thorns (apricot seedlings, pear seedling, hawthorn, the odd
honey locust, roses, brambles.....)  Another factor is the use of manure
for fertilizer.  We have a small flock of sheep so we never have a
shortage of poop.  A third factor, at least around old farm buildings,
is the existence of old nails that might work their way up.

Soooo, am I justified in going back and making a big stink about my
family being in a "high risk" group?

                                            -Joe Hecksel
                                             Eaton Rapids, Michigan

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