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Re: [nafex] Pest resistant apples

Tom Olenio wrote:

> jhecksel@voyager.net wrote:
> > Ed Fackler wrote:
> > I think it would be an interesting
> > experiment to try to mimic, and then manipulate, the
> > variables that
> > these mythical trees grow in.
> >
> > -Severe N stress (Two things happen:  Alternate bearing so
> > no host
> > every other year and low protein available for worms,

This whole topic is interesting.
I have been watching several trees for years.
1: There were some old apple trees on the place when we came here also
some pears.
The apples and pears were poor so I grafted on several varieties.
A: One apple tree was so disease prone that even the grafts did not do
well. i finally cut it down.
B: The pears were grafted with Pineapple, Magness and some Asian. The
original pears usually give a good size crop but they are always cracked
and split and good for stewed pears only. The Magness and Asian are
blemish free and ripen beautifully.
C:Another apple still produces some warty, wormy, mis-shapened apples on
the parts I have not cut out. The Liberty graft produces clean, tasty
smallish apples. The Prima
produces large clean , tasty apples. The Empire does not do so good a
job. Its fruit is small and slightly mis-shapened. It is also
susceptible to Bullseye. I had another tree of Empire that I cut down
this year because of the Bullesye proclivity.(There are a couple of more
Apples I have eliminated because of Bullseye. Lobo and NY###.)
D:On another apple I grafted Macfree, Redfree, Calville Blanc,Ashmeads
Kernal, Kidds Orange Red and Lobo.
The MacFree produces good blemish free crops.
The Red Free is OK but I don't like the taste so well.
The Lobo is kaput( Bullesye)
The rest have not produced much in the several years they have been
E:The other apple still produces a few mis-shapened sour apples on
remaining stubs.
The Akane produces large almost perfect tasty apples.
The Lobo is going this winter.
Ribston Pippin has not produced a crop yet.
The others are too young.
I have nice looking plum trees but I have yet to get much of a crop
except on Methley.
They blossom here before the bees are out. Generally the days do not get
up above 45 that time of year here on the Oregon Coast.
Asian Pears do pretty well, but they are all young yet.
Apples seem to be the best fruit for this area outside of berries.

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