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[nafex] Re: rootstocks

--- In nafex@y..., hayner9@c... wrote:

> Also, how about standard peach rootstocks?
> I have planted out a few of the prunus fruticosa - would they be ok 
> to graft onto?
> Has anyone had any experience with them?
 > z7.
> Thanks!
> Amy Hayner

If you want recommendations for peach rootstocks, it would be helpful 
if you were to say where you are. The favoured rootstocks for peach 
vary a lot with cold stress, soil, and nematode pressure.

Here in the Niagara Peninsula, the last I heard Bailey seedlings were 
favoured by commercial growers on sandy soils. Nematodes are not as 
big a worry here as in many U.S. peach growing areas. Bailey is an 
old Indian peach from Iowa or thereabouts. In Kent and Essex counties 
in Ontario near Windsor and Detroit, a little colder, I understand 
that that Siberian C has been replaced by Chui Lum Tao seedlings.

If you are planting on soil likely to be nematode-free, probably you 
don't have to worry too much.

For clay soils, Brompton or Pershore Yellow Egg (the latter unlikely 
to be available in the U.S.) would suit, although you should not 
expect them to perform as well as peach stocks on well drained sandy 

Sometimes peaches are offered on Prunus americana stock. Don't use 
it, the trees don't last.

Some years ago the late Dr. Gus Tehrani of Vineland research station 
here, told me that he had tried Prunus fruticosa as a rootstock for 
sweet cherry. He said they seemed fairly compatible but the scions 
tend to overgrow the stocks after 4 years or so and the trees tended 
to blow over. They might suit as nurse roots, where you plant the 
union a little below the soil line and rely on the scion to root.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada - zone 7a

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