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[RibesNAFEX] R. odoratum

Hello List,

I have a ribe identification issue...

In my planting I have a number of Crandall currants which I got from Bert
Dunn.  However, I do not believe they are R. odoratum as these Crandalls
have very little scent to them.

The bushes are 2 years old and about 3.5-4' high.  They produced a
prolific amount of large berries this season, have the lobed leaf of all
ribes, and have the erratic, weeping growth habit starting.  But there is
no noticable smell.  If memory serves, the ripening berries did have a
little of that invigorating currant smell, but it was not intense.

Can I offer any other information to help form an opinion on exactly what
I have?  There is no way I would classify this variety as fragrant and I
believe that fragrance is a big part of the R. odoratum (hence the name).

Thanks for any help you can offer.



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