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RE: [nafex] Ribe Information?

Hi Tom, 
A couple of culture resources for currants and gooseberries are:

     Currants and gooseberries culture guide / Monique Audette and Michel J. 
Lareau.  Co-published by: Horticultural R&D Centre; Agriculture and Agri-Food 
Canada, Research Branch.

Currant and Gooseberry Pests - A new photographic resource for diagnosing 
diseases, insects and other disorders of currants and gooseberries, developed 
by Kim Hummer and Joseph Postman, USDA/ARS National Clonal Germplasm 

Small Scale Fruit Production - a manual from Penn State Cooperative Extension. 
Covers: Controlling Wildlife Damage in the Home Fruit Garden; Pome Fruits: 
Apples and Pears; Stone Fruits: Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Apricots, and 
Cherries; Grapes; Brambles; Strawberries; Blueberries; Gooseberries and 
Currants; Elderberries; Hardy Kiwi. (Currants and gooseberries are chapter 10)

Small Fruits of New York, New York Agricultural Experiment Station, 1925 by U. 
P. Hedrick. Pictorial archive of historic New York State fruit. Images are 
arranged by type of fruit: Brambles (Red and Hybrid Raspberries; Black 
Raspberries; Blackberries, Dewberries, Hybrid Berries), Bush Fruits (Currants, 
Gooseberries), and Strawberries. Images are in JPEG format. 

Go to USAIN's Access to Extension and Experiment Station Publications at:

I have the most success with the E-Answers and Plant Facts Database in finding 
relevant extension publications on fruits.  
FYI, currants and gooseberries are occasionally called 'bush fruits', so you 
may want to look that term up, too.
I hope this helps,
-----Suzi Teghtmeyer
Head Librarian, Paul Evans Library of Fruit Science
Southwest Missouri State University
Fruit Science and Industry Links: 
Homepage: http://library.smsu.edu/paulevans/pelindex.htm

>===== Original Message From nafex@yahoogroups.com =====
>Hello All,
>Please excuse the cross posting, but I am hoping to get opinions from people
>who may not belong to both lists.
>I have spent a number of hours searching the Internet and online library
>catalogs looking for information on ribes and currants, and other than an
>occasional state/provincial fact sheet I can find no in-depth online
>information, or books that deal with this topic.
>If I was looking for "ribe eradication" I would be fine, but there does not
>seem to be any information that does more than scratch the surface in regards
>to this family of plants..
>Even the NAFEX library does not list a book on this topic.
>Does anyone know of a good in-depth resource for ribes and currants (online
>or book)?  Are ribes/currants just lumped in together with other small fruit?
>Thanks for any help you can offer.
>Thomas Olenio
>Ontario, Canada
>Hardiness Zone 6a

----Suzi Teghtmeyer
Head, Paul Evans Library of Fruit Science
SMSU Research Campus
9740 Red Spring Rd, Mountain Grove, MO 65711
Phone: 417-926-4105, Fax: 417-926-6646,  email: srt175f@smsu.edu
URL: http://library.smsu.edu/paulevans/pelIndex.htm

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