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[nafex] mycorrhizal fungi?


Is anyone aware of a means to propagate mycorrhizal fungi in a manner that
is usable for further plant innoculatons?

If you can grow it, do we need to buy it?  It is cost prohibitive to use
on a large scale otherwise.

As the fungi seems to work, it would make sense for people needing it, to
produce it themselves.

Also, does anyone know how quickly mycorrhizal fungi will grow and spread
in the wild?  I have read that, free "fairy rings" (a bad form of mycorrhizal
fungi) can grow 8" a year.  However, I have been unable to find how
quickly tethered mycorrhizal fungi (good kind) will spread.

My thought being that you could grow sod innoculated with mycorrhizal
fungi and then distribute the sod/fungi into the growing area.
Based on how fast the mycorrhizal fungi will spread throughout the rest of
the sod, and reach the crop (tree, bush, plant) would tell you how much
innoculated sod to introduce.

I only use sod as an example as it is realatively cheap to grow/buy and
can be easily innoculated.

Or could sprouts (like those sold in grocery stores) be used?  Buy
sprouts, innoculate them with mycorrhizal fungi and plant them out.
Keeping in mind that mycorrhizal fungi will only survive in symbiosis with
plant roots, and will be killed by manmade fertilizer.

Just tyring to discuss means to propagating mycorrhizal fungi on a larger



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