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Re: [nafex] gypsy moth caviar & Weight Watchers

> My reply:
> Nightcrawlers are better.   Now these things (earth worms and
> nightcrawlers) definately pick up the taste of what they have been
> eating.   I suppose I should mention that you "clean" worms before eating
> them.  Snip one end and squeeze the yuck out like you do toothpaste.  The
> snip the outher end out.  In effect you have a hollow tube that can be
> easily rinsed out.
> Unfortunately I have yet to figure out a humane way to kill them as
> anything I have tried seems to produce anguish.

Can you clean them like clams, by leaving them in a tub of something
unobjectionable for a day or two?  (Clams are often left in sea water
with a large admixture of cornmeal.)