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[nafex] (Fwd) Membership as prerequisite?

On 7 Dec 2000, at 17:15, Christopher Mauchline wrote:

> > When I first joined this list that was my first post, I was told
> > it was a condition. When I joined the board of directors I was
> > also told it was a condition.

Chris quoted "the fluffy bunny's" message above. This is particularly worth addressing, as the NAFEX board of directors has always had the final say on disputed matters. Since this list borrow's the NAFEX name, there has to be some accountability. So I will explain the way things currently work in practice, and await any instructions for change from the NAFEX board.

> I think currently registration is automatic (I'm not sure Greg has
> the time to manually review requests for membership to the list,
> and even if he did, does he have access to the membership list to
> be able to do that review?)

Yes. People are all the time subscribing and unsubscribing, and I don't have any information regarding UPDATED membership in NAFEX to check against anyway. If we were to insist unequivocally on membership as a prerequiste, are there any volunteers for "Sergeant at Arms"?

> The "protection" currently is that the list is not published in the
> egroups directory. But if a NAFEX member tells someone outside the
> organization about the list, I don't believe there's anything
> preventing them from joining.
> Greg - is what I'm saying accurate?

EXACTLY on target. If you search egroups, you will not find NAFEX listed. There is a reference to it in POMONA.

>From time to time in the past, membership on this list has been specifically solicited from members of the BC Fruit Testers Assn and Home Orchard Society. It had the blessing of the board at that time.

This topic was actually one of the first subjects discussed during the embryonic stages of the list, within the first month of inception. There was divided opinion then as there is now. Some voiced the view that the tradition of NAFEX was to disperse information about uncommon nuts and fruits. Others worried that open membership might threaten general membership in NAFEX.

The current arrangement was arrived at as the best compromise, and is in keeping with the others principles that guide this list, which basically presume participants will behave responsibly. I think having the main channel being through POMONA does for most practical purposes make membership a prerequisite for joining, without the practical problems of verifying membership before list enrollment. NOT having the list publicized through other channels helps keep the conversation on track, to the extent that is possible in an unmoderated list. A few people "slip through", and to date this has not been a problem in terms of off topic discussions, etc.

Greg Miller

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