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[nafex] Re: Nafex membership

I strongly disagree with idea of splitting the Nafex list.  It would 
just lead to the Balkanization of the Nafex list.  The power (IMHO) 
of this list is the combination of amateurs, professionals, small and 
large growers.  Just because I don't experience other fruit-growers 
environment or conditions doesn't mean I can't enjoy hearing their 
experience or learn from it. For example, I don't believe I'll ever 
live in Florida, but I still found Dan H. experiments with grafting 
Blueberry onto Farkleberry extremely interesting.  

With Nafex and Interest Groups everyone is suscribed to POMONA and if 
they also want to participate in Interest Groups they can (and the 
Interest Groups at least sometimes report back into POMONA).  If we 
create multiple lists, there's nothing guarenteeing that everyone 
will still be "suscribed" to the main list and we might lose valuable 
input or stories from participants.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

<<On the other hand... The fact that we are LIMITED as yet   to just 
ONE hodge podge forum creates various obvious problems. 

People wanting to discuss apricot culture for example have to listen 
to diatrabs about "Online vs. Print"... and this and various other 

I think this is just a matter of "elbow room"... we need to generate 
MORE forums or lists on a diversity of topics... The apricot 
enthusiast can join the apricot list... 

New members might be directed to an introducory list called "New to 
NAFEX" or some such... There could even be a "Policy" list for the 
kind of "internal" discussion and debate going on here. 

Just as NAFEX has various "Interest groups" the same thing could be 
accomplished through this (or another) electronic forum. But it needs 
to be EXPANDED not restricted or limited. 

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