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Multimedia award for brian eno!!!!!!!!!!!

The multmedia-award 01 is given to brian eno on november the 20, 1998 in berlin.
it's an award of the hdk and the bank 24.
also there will be an exhibition by eno from the 20 of november to the 6 of december!!!
rockdog <oli@rockdog.in-berlin.de>
- Sunday, November 15, 1998 at 13:43:17 (EST)

I'd be curious to know if anyone is aware of a
relative Eno rarity called "Textures" which I've somehow
managed to get hold of and if they have any background info.

It's a music library CD intended for film use and consists
of 21 tracks produced (I imagine) circa 1980's as Daniel
Lanois features on 4 tracks.

The titles and running times are as follows:
1. Soft Dawn (2.19)
2. The Water Garden (2.53)
3. Shaded Water (3.16)
4. Suspicions (4.14)
5. Ozone (1.42)
6. Landscape with Haze (4.060
7. Mirage (3.20)
8. River Mist (4.33)
9. Constant Dreams (3.57)
10. Dark Dreams (3.07)
11. Black Planet (2.52)
12. Night Thoughts (3.37)
13. Travellers (3.52)
14. Evil Thoughts (2.01)
15. Darkness (1.24)
16. Jungles (2.00)
17. Sanctuaries (1.37)
18. Menace (1.46)
19. Suspended Motion (3.43)
20. The Wild (4.22)
21. River Journey (11.14)

The code is ESL 003 CD.

Alex (London)
- Monday, November 09, 1998 at 19:04:39 (EST)

Eno and Lanois are working with on the new U2 effort, starting soon...conformation by the EDGE of U2 in NME.

luke mangels <luke_mangels@mail.amsinc.com>
- Friday, October 30, 1998 at 12:00:32 (EST)

I would like to inform You, that we will broadcast LIVE on the net two Events with
Brian Eno (RealVideo):

Thursday, 27 August 1998, 8 pm CET live
Performance on the occasion of the exhibition opening
"Sushi! Roti! Reibekuchen!
A High-Altitude-Food-Performance with Incidential
Music by Slop Shop and Brian Eno"

Saturday, 29 August, 8 pm CET live
"Brian Eno: Conversation with
Umbrella, Tape Recorder, Record
Player, Overhead-Projector and
Michael Engelbrecht"

Norbert Kanter
project manager new media

Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 4
D 53113 Bonn - Germany
phone +49 (228) 9171-220 email: kanter@kah-bonn.de
fax +49 (228) 9171-288 http://www.kah-bonn.de

Norbert Kanter <kanter@kah-bonn.de>
- Wednesday, August 19, 1998 at 08:30:28 (EDT)

A friend and I drove down to NYC from Mystic to see THE opening night of the Bang On A Can production of Music For Airports at Lincoln Center sometime last spring ( I forget the date). It was mesmerizing, experiencing this music/thing/entity being produced by live players. In this form it can never be the same thing twice, obviously. One of the members of the group described it almost as if the live players, or that aspect of it, somehow improved the experience of the piece, which is something I think I take issue with. The original "composition" by Eno, that is the recording he created, is arguably the highest form of the piece, as the recording, like Discreet Music, is the creation, the painting or better yet, the sculpture, the artist created most directly. Of course this is purely subjective, I know, but it presents a curious seed for musing about the "essence" of a particular piece of music/art. Perhaps once a thing exists, it is free to take any form it wishes, and each form needs to be appreciated for itself rather than compared to it's alternatives, each alternative being just a finite point within a field of possibilities, convertible, interchangable, unpredictable (apply the Uncertainty Principle and E=mc2 here). Each form a piece takes is valid and viable. Musings, musings, musings,musi...,mus....,mu.....,m........,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
What do you think Brian?

Dane Rochelle <dane.rochelle@mailexcite.com>
- Sunday, August 09, 1998 at 00:41:51 (EDT)

See if you can find the ENO event ...

Hi, these are all events that are part of the second annual Philadelphia Fringe Festival. It has lots of performance art, dance, cutting edge stuff,
from 9/9 - 9/19 ...

All events listed here are
Upstairs at Jake & Olivers' (aka Wichita steak and brew)
22 South 3rd Street Philadelphia, PA, USA
Coordinated by Joshua Cohen of Break Even productions (Gasheart@aol.com)
Each event is $7 per person

Feel free to write me for more info, or just show up!

THE PLAY .....

The first surreal play, written in 1920, by Tristan Tzara, co-founder of Dadaism. Directed by Joshua Cohen.
This play is a dreamlike trip not to be missed. It is rarely performed, at Art Colleges.
The six characters are eye, nose, neck, mouth, ear and eyebrow.
Anyone who thinks of him/herself as an artist should definitely see this.
It lasts under an hour and will be done every day of the festival.
9/9 - 9/19, 8pm until 9pm.

Wednesday 9/9 opening night/press party (hanging out), price includes admission to the play THE GAS HEART that immediately follows. 6-8pm.


DR. SEUSS MARATHON - Bring your kids, and your books for a marathon reading of Dr. Seuss books. For kids of all ages!
Both Saturdays, 9/12 and 9/19, from 1pm until 6pm.

TELETUBBIES MARATHON - Those lovely creatures from PBS set the scene for this video marathon/performance art piece. A journey in preverbal communication in a pastural setting. Live bunnies, jugglers, storytellers, more! Milk and cookies will be served.
Sunday, 9/13, 1pm until 6pm.

MUSICAL FUN!!.........................

JAM SESSION - Bring your drums, your musical instruments, and your lyrics, and a smile.
Wednesday, 9/9, 9pm until 12am.

AN EVENING OF BRIAN ENO MUSIC - Eno fans Unite! Dance to, Listen to, Discussion of the Music of Brian Eno. Some rareties, and Eno related music, Talking Heads, Devo, U2
( a semi-seminar)
Thursday, 9/10, 9pm until 12am.

AN EVENING OF DAVID BOWIE MUSIC - Bowie fans Unite! Dance to, Listen to, Discussion of the Music of David Bowie. Some rareties.
Wednesday, 9/16, 9pm until 12am.

AN EVENING OF ROBERT FRIPP MUSIC - Fripp fans Unite! Dance to, Listen to, Discussion of the Music of Robert Fripp. Some rareties, and Fripp related music, especially King Crimson
( a semi-seminar)
Thursday, 9/17, 9pm until 12am.

Ken Ulansey, Paul Butler and Ed Nardi will be improvising. Their playful explorations draw from Klezmer and Stravinsky, Dixie and Samba, New Age to the Avant-Garde.
This concert is subsidized by a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.
Tuesday 9/15 , 6-8pm.


The Philadelphia Fringe Festival is inspired by the Edinborough Fringe Festival...in Scotland....which has flourished over the last 30 years...

The Box Office for The Philadelphia Fringe Festival opens 8/15/98, and is located at 40 North Second Street Phila., PA , and the Box Office phone number is 215-413-2070
There will be a complete list of events in The Citipaper in September...
...hope to see you.

Philadelphia Fringe Festival <GasHeart@aol.com>
- Saturday, August 08, 1998 at 20:49:52 (EDT)

I enjoy reading the news, stories, tangents etc here but since May there is nothing new?
I question whether "Eno World" has become another ghost website? This would be a shame.
All I see here is dated material which is never updated. Where's the beef?

Stephen D'Ambrosio <sdambros@yahoo.com>
- Thursday, August 06, 1998 at 11:05:04 (EDT)

It's Eno's 50th Birthday today.
Happy Birthday, Brian.

David Shepherd <David@Shepherd.com>
- Friday, May 15, 1998 at 16:17:36 (EDT)

Brian Eno appeared briefly on British television on Friday night (1st May 1998) in the Channel 4 comedy Father Ted. Eno played a priest called Father Brian Eno to whom Father Ted was introduced at the 'It's Great To Be A Priest 98' Conference.

For those wanting to know more about the Father Ted series and presumably Eno's taste in comedy, you may want to visit the excellent unofficial web site http://www.geocities.com/Paris/2694/craggy.html. - but that would be an ecumenical matter.

David Shepherd

David Shepherd <David@Shepherd.com>
- Tuesday, May 05, 1998 at 13:23:22 (EDT)

SSEYO's Inaugural Internet Koan^oasis featuring Brian Eno.


15th April: In a major new development, SSEYO today announced
the World's 1st Collaborative Virtual Generative Composition,
SSEYO Koan^oasis 198. Pioneering artists, including Brian Eno
and Jamuud of Loop Guru, have contributed to this online generative
composition created by a networked community of Koan artists.
Said Eno, "Koan^oasis is a kind of global music eco system.
Each composer contributes a musical 'life form' with its own character
and behavior, and the music is the rich, ever-changing ecology of
interactions between the life forms.".

Full info and links at http://www.sseyo.com

Koan Info <koaninfo@sseyo.com>
- Thursday, April 16, 1998 at 02:43:25 (EDT)

I have this wierd Eno CD called Textures, does anyone know what year it is from...it's full of compositions with Roger Eno and Daniel Lanois, but no year is given. As far as I can male out it is all unreleased.

- Sunday, December 07, 1997 at 18:51:25 (EST)

Hi to all Enoids! If your web-site is related to the work of Brian Eno and/or Roxy Music you are hereby invited to submit it for membership to the Brian Eno Web-Ring. Details are available at:

radiocitizen <radiocitizen@geocities.com>
- Tuesday, November 11, 1997 at 02:48:24 (EST)

The recently revamped "Oblique Strategies Web Site"
now features the beginnings of a new project:

The Acute Strategies

Yep, it's your chance to think real hard and submit
your own Strategic advice, which takes its
place with the advice of your peers.

You can find it at:


Share and enjoy,

Gregory Taylor <gtaylor@msn.fullfeed.com>
- Monday, October 27, 1997 at 17:47:28 (EST)

Bob Robertson <bob@bob.com>
Whichahway, KA USA - Friday, October 17, 1997 at 16:21:18 (EDT)

Eno recently became a moment. "I had become bored with the usual pace of living- the travelling always forward, monotonously. I wanted to be more vague, to sit in the air, to remain still. So I turned into a moment." But this means no new Eno recordings, because unfortunately the moment is long gone.

- Wednesday, October 15, 1997 at 11:56:08 (EDT)

Latest news on the next Bowie single (co-written by Eno) from the official Bowie site, which you can pre-order now at online stores like http://www.cduniverse.com/


DAVID BOWIE'S standout "Earthling" track, the
Bowie/Brian Eno-penned "I'm Afraid Of
Americans"--which merges distressed funk and
fractured electronic noises with a sly lyrical
observation on modern America by Bowie--has
been given the special re-mix treatment by Nine
Inch Nails and will be released October 14 by
Virgin Records as a six-track EP. This release
comes in the midst of Bowie's critically acclaimed
in-progress North American tour of clubs,
ballrooms and theaters. Selling out across the
country, the dates kicked off September 6 in
Vancouver and will conclude October 18 in

Five of the remixes are by Nine Inch Nails. Trent
Reznor lends background vocals on one of the
remixes while another Nine Inch Nails remix
features a guest rap by Ice Cube. The sixth remix
was overseen by England's Rupert Parkes, also
known as Photek.

One of the remixes will be serviced to radio
October 1 and a video will emerge in mid-October.
It's expected to be shot in America in early October
and will feature a guest appearance by Reznor.

Bowie and Nine Inch Nails' continuing collaboration
on "I'm Afraid Of Americans" follows their tour
together of North America in 1995. In every city
along the tour route, the two artists performed
together during a four-song set--which featured
Bowie's "Scary Monsters" and "Hallo Spaceboy"
and Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" and "Reptile"--which
bridged each of their own performances.

Says Bowie: "'I'm Afraid Of Americans' has
developed into a key song in the "Earthling"
tour--it's become popular with our audience. And
Nine Inch Nails' input has created a fantastic single."

Reznor says: "I've been a fan of Bowie's work for
years and also he's a friend. When David asked me
to do some remixes, I decided to use a collective
approach. Keith Hillebrandt, Dave Ogilvle and
Charlie Clouser all came and did their own
dissecting, mixes and programming. We all worked
collectively under the cooperative moniker Nine
Inch Nails. I wanted to throw some odd things in
the mix and I have been planning to work with Ice
Cube on some Nine Inch Nails material, so I asked
him if he wanted to be involved. I am also a big fan
of Photek's and I thought his mix for the same
record would balance the EP out."

As is his usual practice, Bowie, along with visual-art
collaborator Davide De Angelis, has designed the
package for this highly anticipated CD. It
incorporates a charcoal drawing made specifically
for "I'm Afraid Of Americans."

Andrew Stewart
- Friday, September 26, 1997 at 11:23:58 (EDT)

The material which used to be "The True and Complete History" of the Oblique Strategies" has now been considerably updated, corrected, and added to.

It now lives and breathes as "The Oblique Strategies Web Site," and is located at the URL listed above.

You can contemplate the nonexistence of the Japanese deck, draw cards from the French deck, stare in envy at the 1996 Fourth Edition, and so many other Eno-friendly activities.

With every good wish,

Gregory Taylor <gtaylor@msn.fullfeed.com>
- Tuesday, September 09, 1997 at 22:35:10 (EDT)

kostya mitenev <tenev@digbody.dux.ru>
- Monday, July 28, 1997 at 08:05:17 (EDT)

I saw a War Child benefit concert on Saturday 5 July 1997, organised by Laurie Anderson but featuring many other artists.
The concert program credits stage set design, and much of the music, to Brian Eno. This includes some of the music that Laurie Anderson was playing. Eno was also credited with the music for a song that Lou Reed played in his short set: 'Rescue Night'.
Other artists performing: Philip Glass, Michael Nyman, Ryuchi Sakamoto, Salman Rushdie.
David Evans <devans@oldec1.agw.bt.co.uk>
- Wednesday, July 09, 1997 at 12:33:36 (EDT)

Ambient 5 (?)- Music for White Cube

I finally received what I must describe as the best ambient Eno record in a loooong time - Music for White Cube.

It is a limited (500) cd from a sound installation in
London, and the nine tracks originate from Eno recording
street and park sounds in and around London. The sounds
have then been treated, slowed down - whatever, and the
result is reminiscent of ON LAND - maybe even darker and
more dense.
There's a lot of beauty in these pieces, and I'm sure it's
a CD that I will play for all eternity.


Martin Nilsson <martin.nilsson@orb.sema.se>
- Tuesday, July 08, 1997 at 08:55:33 (EDT)

"The Drop" was released on July 2nd. in Japan from Paradise Island / For Life Records.
Japanese album includes bonus 3"inch CD.
Song title are "Swat & Rut", "Slicing System" and "Sharply Cornered".

Kei <club-k2@netlaputa.or.jp>
- Monday, July 07, 1997 at 19:02:36 (EDT)

Well, it's in...today Brian's new release arrived at my office, and it IS called The Drop.
Interesting music. Two of the tracks are on the "Glitters Is Gold" compilation, although not throughGyroscope. All Saints has entered a distribution deal with Thirsty Ear Recordings in NY.
"Glitters..." came in today as well... The Street Date is July 8th, I believe. The promo piece looks incredible, if I do say so myself...

Jolene <oldhamedia@earthlink.net>
- Saturday, May 31, 1997 at 01:18:11 (EDT)

Swanky, Hup, Drop...

Nothing seems to be in order, which means
everything is going to be just great...

Apparently 2 tracks are available on the new All Saints/Gyroscope


Martin <martin.nilsson@orb.sema.se>
- Friday, May 23, 1997 at 13:02:52 (EDT)

Swanky, Hup, Drop...

Nothing seems to be in order, which means
everything is going to be just great...

Apparently 2 tracks are available on the new All Saints/Gyroscope


Martin <martin.nilsson@orb.sema.se>
- Friday, May 23, 1997 at 13:02:35 (EDT)

The Chicago-based band Poi Dog Pondering
have released a live album entitled "Liquid
White Light," which features a cover of the
Eno/Cale composition "Lay My Love" from the
"Wrong Way Up" album.

John Kannenberg <johnwk@execpc.com>
- Friday, May 23, 1997 at 06:42:26 (EDT)

A little teaser from an interview with Hans Roedelius that will appear in our zine at the end of this month:

"Brian Eno approached us. He know of us via Can, Neu and Kraftwerk. We invited him, after he had joined us on stage during a Harmonia show in Hamburg in 1974. He visited us in Germany in 1976, stayed with us in our commune, and tried to impart his rich experience with pop music to us with some ideas and ended up having one track on a 4 track tape. We continued the dialogue we had begun in Hamburg 2 years earlier, the musical results will be available soon."

In addition to this, he also spoke of Harmonia '76 coming out soon which Eno is also featured on (Harmonia is essentially Cluster with Michael Rother of Neu!).

Jason Gross <perfect-sound@furious.com>
- Thursday, May 15, 1997 at 23:10:42 (EDT)

Swanky...no, Today On Earth...no, This Is HUP!...no, HUP!...no, NEO...no, Drop...no, THE Drop...grrrrrrrr! ENOugh is ENOugh!!!

Jolene <oldhamedia@earthlink.net>
- Saturday, May 03, 1997 at 10:55:09 (EDT)
(Eno's pending new release seems to be renamed frequently...)

re: Eno's hair (or lack thereof...)

Remember, it takes a good man to grow it,
it takes a better man to keep it rubbed off.


J.M.Oldham <oldhamedia@earthlink.net>
- Wednesday, April 23, 1997 at 21:37:20 (EDT)

I had met up with David Toop about a week ago here in New York- David is a great writer (Ocean of Sound) and musician. I also knew that he has been good friends with Brian for a while. I happened to ask about Brian and what he was up to. He said that he'd seen him a week or so ago. He told me that Brian was going to live in St. Petersberg for about six monthes. I asked him why he thought he was going there. "He just likes a change of atmosphere," he said.

Jason Gross <perfect-sound@furious.com>
- Wednesday, April 23, 1997 at 16:24:42 (EDT)


- Monday, April 14, 1997 at 10:07:39 (EDT)

Brian has made a one-off single, to be auctioned in support of the charity War Child in February. More information can be found at the reference below.

Tom <http://hyperreal.com/music/artists/brian_eno/warsong.html>
- Saturday, January 25, 1997 at 11:03:37 (EST)

On Friday, January 17, The Learning Channel (TLC) aired parts 9 and 10 of its "History of Rock 'n' Roll." I was pleasantly surprised to see that in the "Punk" episode, Brian Eno was one of the many musicians/artists interviewed! I was very happy because I had never seen him interviewed before. He was also featured in the "Up From the Underground" episode. Did anyone else catch it? Maybe TLC will re-run the whole series. If it does, make sure you catch the last two! You can also buy each episode for $20.00. (If anyone has that 1-800 number, please send it to me because I was in too much shock to write it down!!!)

Miriam Childs <economy1@intersurf.com>
- Tuesday, January 21, 1997 at 07:48:38 (EST)

According to the "Telling Lies" David Bowie site (http://www.etete.com/Bowie), the follow-up to "1.Outside" will be called "Contamination". Dave the Rave says it will be just him and Eno, no other musicians. Due to start recording in the summer. Presumably shortly after David finishes opening all his 50th Birthday Party presents.

- Thursday, January 02, 1997 at 16:21:29 (EST)

ENOPhiles might find it an interesting idea to change the Windows 'TIP
OF THE DAY' into the texts found on Brian Eno's 'Obligue Strategies'.
I think these texts may be copyrighted (?), but still I found a few
copies of them on the internet.

Starting your PC with one of the Obligue Strategies leads to
interesting insights in your computer. What about:
- into the impossible
- overtly resist change
- would anybody want it?
- get your neck massaged.

I would even propose to add this Obligue Strategy especially for
- resist all shortcuts ;-]

Here's how to do it:

Do this at your own risk! I am not responsible!)

1. Open the Registry Editor (Regedit.exe)
2. Open the class
3. In the right part of the screen you see the windows tips. You can
change these tips by double-clicking the number
4. You need more space for all the Obligue Strategies (I found 134!)
If you right-click the screen you can add new values (not Keys).
5. Close the registry editor.

There is one drawback: the strategies will be shown in the order you
type them in, not at random. This is not how they are meant.
If anybody knows how to show the Win95 tips at random, please let me

Peter van Cooten
Utrecht, Holland

Peter van Cooten <prvc@knoware.nl>
- Saturday, November 02, 1996 at 16:25:44 (EST)

Great Britain - It appears that there could be a new future for the former US Air Force Base at Woodbridge, Suffolk. This is the place that used to broadcast the music that first inspired Brian when he was a mere slip of a lad. According to The Independent (19th October 1996), the plan is to convert it into a prison to help cut down the UK's prison overcrowding problem. Apparently "the base was at the centre of one of Britain's biggest UFO incidents in 1980 when a metallic, triangular craft was seen over the nearby Rendlesham forest." Was this the Alien Craft that took Eno's hair? Or the UFO Eno and his sister once thought they saw? The truth is without hair.

USA - Exciting news for people who'll buy anything with Eno's initials on it. Calvin Klein is shortly to launch a new fragrance called CK BE.

Tom <dontsendmejunke-mail@please>
- Thursday, October 24, 1996 at 16:10:06 (EDT)

Great Britain -- On Sunday 13th October at 11.15pm, Radio 3 begins broadcasting "Sounds From Within", a three-part series "in which Brian Eno and John Thornley examine some of the unusual vocal techniques used in traditional music around the world."

Tom Boon <100334.657@compuserve.com>
- Sunday, October 13, 1996 at 14:26:27 (EDT)

As you probably know, Brian Eno is very much involved in the charity War Child; he was one of the driving forces behind the initiation of War Child and became a patron together with David Bowie, Luciano Pavarotti, Brent Hansen, Juliet Stevenson and Tom Stoppard.

On the 1st of September we launched the War Child web site at http://www.warchild.org

War Child is an aid organisation focussing on the plight of children in warzones. Now running several different kinds of projects, from music therapy programmes in Mostar and diabetic aid in and around Bosnia, to landmine programmes in Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia and Cambodia. At this moment War Child is building the Pavarotti Music Centre in Mostar (Bosnia) where music therapy will be used to help children with war traumas. (See the picture of Brian Eno in Mostar practising music therapy together with War Child's Professor Nigel Osborne). War Child now has offices in Holland, the U.S., Italy and England.

In the web-site, people can learn about the different War Child aid-projects, as well as some of the activities undertaken by artists to support the charity. Here are also pictures and info about the Eno initiatives "Little Pieces from Big Stars" and the "Pagan Fun Wear" event, as well as the HELP cd.

Rob van den Dool
War Child Netherlands


Rob van den Dool <warchild@cyber.nl>
- Monday, September 30, 1996 at 08:36:59 (EDT)

"Neverwhere", the Neil Gaiman series with music by Brian Eno, is now being broadcast in the UK at 9pm on Thursdays.

Tom Boon <100334.657@compuserve.com>
- Monday, September 16, 1996 at 15:49:45 (EDT)

I managed to go from a tape of Talking Heads, to U2 on a radio station, then Roxxy Music on yet another station.
Am I A: Surrounded by good radio stations?
B: Or is Brain Eno just out to take over the world?

- Monday, September 09, 1996 at 23:27:07 (EDT)

"Peter Gabriel News" has a snippet of information about the "Experience Park which was at one time being planned with Brian Eno and Laurie Anderson:
"Sadly the site in Barcelona could not be obtained so the project has been put 'on ice'. In th emeantime Peter is trying out some of the ideas in smaller, more easily achievable projects through our multimedia company 'Real World MultiMedia'.

Tom Boon <100334.657@compuserve.com>
- Wednesday, August 28, 1996 at 16:38:57 (EDT)

In Lenny Henry's interview with Eno in the September issue of GQ, it is reported that Eno has written the music for the Neil Gaiman series "Neverwhere", which the BBC will broadcast this Autumn.

- Monday, August 12, 1996 at 08:23:43 (EDT)

Brian Eno will present "Generative Music 1" during the "sonambiente" festival in Berlin. The festival is organized by the "Akademie der Kuenste" and takes place on various laocations in Berlin from 09/08 till 08/09.
There is a website presenting the Festival program, schedule and a lot of other things. Just follow this link: www.sonambiente.de

Ulrich Bomnueter <bomnueter@t-online.de>
- Wednesday, August 07, 1996 at 11:56:59 (EDT)

The Official Programme of the Reading 1996 WOMAD festival says that Eno makes some sort of contribution to Joseph Arthur's long-awaited debut album, due out either later this year or early 1997.

Tom Boon <100334.657@compuserve.com>
- Tuesday, July 23, 1996 at 17:07:59 (EDT)

Eno will be interviewed on the BBC Radio 3 programme "Mixing It" on Monday 29th July 1996 at 11pm. According to the Radio Times, "Robert Sandall and Mark Russell meet Brian Eno and find out why he thinks recent computer advances mean that listening to recorded music will never be the same again."

Tom Boon <100334.657@compuserve.com>
- Tuesday, July 23, 1996 at 17:06:26 (EDT)

The Brian Eno transcript from the CompuServe on-line conference held on July 4th, is now available free from the UKMUSIC forum on CompuServe. The file is stored as ENO.ZIP in the General area (lib 1). Several pictures taken at the conference can also be found there.

Jason Gibbs <jgibbs@gmedia.net>
- Wednesday, July 17, 1996 at 03:52:25 (EDT)

More news on Eno's album cancellation, this time from the CompuServe conference. Brian said:

"What's happened is I've become nauseated by the stacks of CD's accumulating in the dusty corners of my studio.

I always wanted to be part of a conversation that people were paying attention to, and my feeling is that music has slightly died, stifled by oversaturation.

So for me it's a little dull to make records at the moment... though I might change that thought."

The interviewer asked what he was listening to at the moment, and he said vinyl, because you get less music on it. "I hate the way CD's just drone on for bloody hours and you stop caring".

This from a man who once said CDs were "A new medium for a new kind of music" (strapline for the Thursday Afternoon press advertisement) and praised the flexibility of CDs (in an interview about Nerve Net) because you could program your CD player to play whatever tracks you wanted, which meant he as an artist didn't have to censor so much...

These comments are just random words that dropped into the mind of the poster, and should not be interpreted as reflecting those of the editorial board of WWE.

Tom Boon <100334.657@compuserve.com>
- Friday, July 05, 1996 at 16:59:58 (EDT)

More details (from many requests) on the live on-line conference Brian Eno is to hold in early July:

Brian Eno will be in Conference on CompuServe on 4 July at 8pm BST (London Time)

Come along on 4 July and GO CONVENTION to hear Eno talking about his life and his music. Take your seat and have your questions ready at 8pm BST (3pm EST).

The conference is only accessible to members of CompuServe.

Jason Gibbs <jgibbs@gmedia.net>
- Monday, July 01, 1996 at 03:30:22 (EDT)

The new edition of Q Magazine (August 1996) reports that
Eno has got bad writer's block. He has withdrawn from
his contract with Go! Discs to make the album which was
being discussed earlier in the year and wants to spend
time away from the studio. The magazine comments
that not even the Oblique Strategies are working...

Tom Boon <100334.657@compuserve.com>
- Sunday, June 30, 1996 at 15:54:22 (EDT)

Brian Eno will be giving a live on-line chat to CompuServe members on Thursday 4th July at 8pm for about an hour.

To get there and pop your own question, just GO CONFERENCE - we expect a huge demand so get their early if you can.

We will also be giving away a few `Eno` prizes.

For more info, please email me at jgibbs@gmedia.net

Jason Gibbs

Jason Gibbs <jgibbs@gmedia.net>
- Wednesday, June 26, 1996 at 02:46:59 (EDT)

HotWired will have live coverage of
tonight's event...

- Saturday, June 08, 1996 at 15:22:23 (EDT)

Brian Eno will be present in a live chat/RealAudio forum on HotWired,
Wednesday, June 5th, at 2 p.m...
see http://www.hotwired.com/pop/
or the additional notes from Alizarine
in our Events page at Weekly World Eno...

- Tuesday, June 04, 1996 at 17:25:34 (EDT)

Via the Elephant Talk/Fripp list:

Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 13:36:02 -0500 (CDT)
From: Andrew Suber
Subject: Brian Eno on Sesame Street

Hi ETers,
On May 12th I was watching one of my favorite programs, "Sesame
Street". "Sesame Street" has had a reputation for being a show with cool
guests. John Cage, Cab Calloway, Lily Tomlin, George Carlin, and Lou Reed
have all been on.
Well, on May 12th Mr. Brian Eno was on. I was very surprised. He played
a small Moog organ with Elmo. Their song was a song of learning, a song
of polite manners. I believe it was about being courteous to one's
parents. I thought Elmo and Eno harmonizing was a very endearing sight. I
felt so much respect for Eno. First U2, then James, now Elmo; he is
popping up everywhere.

- Tuesday, May 28, 1996 at 16:55:26 (EDT)

On Monday I picked up a copy of Eno's
new book, "A Year With Swollen
Appendices". It's based on Eno's diary
for 1995 and is an excellent
read. He talks about his work on the
Passengers, Spinner and Outside
(David Bowie) records, his
installations, and his foreign travel.

The book is quirky from the start,
being a rather peculiar (sub A5)
shape­perhaps the shape of Eno's
actual diary. The "swollen appendices"
are a set of essays, letters, and

Lots of fun and highly recommended.

matthew elton

(the book is published by Faber &
Faber and cost £9.95)

Matthew Elton <me3@stir.ac.uk>
- Friday, May 24, 1996 at 10:38:45 (EDT)

Eno's book, "A Year with Swollen Appendices", is now available. It is published by Faber and Faber, ISBN 0-571-17995-9.

Price is UK - £9.99, US - $16.96, Canada $18.99.

Tom Boon
- Tuesday, May 21, 1996 at 08:42:44 (EDT)

information about Eno and Costello working together:

they collaborated on a track for the X Files album,
Per the Warner web site (www.wbr.com), it's
called "My Dark Life". The album (I think called
"Songs In The Key Of X", not positive) was recently released round the end of March.

some bloke
- Friday, May 17, 1996 at 15:13:35 (EDT)

Today (May 15th) is Brian Eno's birthday.
Addicted To Noise had a small feature on Brian today
at http://www.addict.com/Music_News_Of_The_World/96-05-15.html#Eno

Gregory Taylor's radio show on a community station the Chicago area should be featuring an Eno
birthday special, which I think is a yerly event. I think it's Sunday evening, not sure what
station or time.

- Thursday, May 16, 1996 at 01:40:54 (EDT)

I just ate a donut - a glazed jelly

Eno, Brian <brian@eno.eno>
- Tuesday, May 14, 1996 at 23:53:06 (EDT)

On June 8th 1996 @ 7:00 PM at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium,
San Francisco, Brian Eno, Spike Lee and Laurie Anderson will introduce
special presentations of their work and ideas. See Eno Events for more details.

Tom Boon
- Tuesday, May 14, 1996 at 15:54:01 (EDT)

ANNOUNCE : New Release - Brian Eno's Generative Music 1 (with SSEYO(R) Koan(R) Software)

Brian Eno's GENERATIVE MUSIC 1 with SSEYO Koan software, a SSEYO Koan music title

"Some very basic forms of generative music have existed for a long time, but
as marginal curiosities. Wind chimes are an example, but the only
compositional control you have over the music they produce is in the original
choice of notes that the chimes will sound. Recently, however, out of the
union of synthesisers and computers, some much finer tools have evolved.
Koan Software is probably the best of these systems, allowing a composer to
control not one but one hundred and fifty musical and sonic parameters within
which the computer then improvises (as wind imrovises the wind chimes).

The works I have made with this system symbolise to me the beginning of a new
era of music. Until 100 years ago, every musical event was unique: music was
ephemeral and unrepeatable and even classical scoring couldn't guarantee
precise duplication. Then came the gramophone record, which captured
particular performances and made it possible to hear them identically over and
over again.

But now there are three alternatives: live music, recorded music and
generative music. Generative music enjoys some of the benefits of both its
ancestors. Like live music, it is free of time-and-place limitations - you can
hear it when and where you want.

I really think it is possible that our grandchildren will look at us in wonder
and say: "you mean you used to listen to exactly the same thing over and over

Brian Eno 1996

"Each of the twelve pieces on Generative Music 1 has a distinctive character.
There are, of course, the ambient works ranging from the dark, almost mournful
Densities III (complete with distant bells), to translucent Lysis (Tungsten).
These are contrasted with pieces in dramatically different styles, such as
Komarek with its hard edged, angular melodies, reminiscent of Schoenberg's
early serial experiments, and Klee 42 whose simple polyphony is similar to
that of the early Renaissance. But of course, the great beauty of Generative
Music is that those pieces wil never sound quite that way again."

CSJ Bofop, March 1996

System requirements
IBM compatible 486 33MHz or higher, running Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or later.
8MB RAM minimum, 3MB free hard disk space.
VGA or higher resolution graphics card, mouse.
3.5" 1.44 MB floppy drive for installation.
Note : This product comes on a floppy disk.
Important : Generative Music 1 is SOLELY for use with a Creative Labs
AWE32 or SoundBlaster 32 soundcard.

Full information on the SSEYO web site : http://www.sseyo.com/genmus1.html

SSEYO's Koan Pro V1.2 is the authoring system which Brian Eno used to
compose the Koan music pieces on "Generative Music 1". Koan Pro may be
used to author Koan music pieces on any Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 PC,
with any MIDI compatible soundcard (with special support for Creative
Labs AWE32/SB32, Yamaha DB50XG, Advanced Gravis Ultrasound/MAX, Roland
SCC1). Koan Pro can create Koan pieces with files sizes as low as 1k
that can play for over 8 hours - making them ideal for use on the WWW.

Full information on the SSEYO web site : http://www.sseyo.com/kprobroc.html

Demo versions of Koan Pro V1.2 are available for download from from a
number of mirror sites across the world, including Foley Hi Tech and
Hyperreal (US), VKool Communications and Constant Change Productions
(Canada), Toy Satellite (Aus) and SSEYO's site in the UK. See below for

Web: http://www.sseyo.com/browser.html
CompuServe: GO SSEYO


Both SSEYO Titles (Generative Music 1 and Koan Pro V1.2) are available NOW
worldwide from the following:

Software Warehouse (UK, World) :
Tel: +44(0)1675 466 467
Web: http://www.software-warehouse.co.uk

Software Catalogue (UK, World) :
Tel: +44(0)1494 455 455

Eyes Co (Japan) :
Tel: 03 5295 1931

Toy Satellite (Australia) :
Tel: +61 3 9486 9764
Web: http://www.peg.apc.org/toysatellite

UK Trade Distribution through Ingram Micro :
Tel: +44(0)1908 260 422
Fax: +44(0)1908 265 584


SSEYO's free players for Koan Music are available for download from from
a number of mirror sites across the world, including Foley Hi Tech and
Hyperreal (US), VKool Communications and Constant Change Productions
(Canada), Toy Satellite (Aus) and SSEYO's site in the UK. See below for
Web: http://www.sseyo.com/browser.html
CompuServe: GO SSEYO


For further information on SSEYO and it's products, please contact
either your nearest retailer (see above) or SSEYO Limited :

Web: http://www.sseyo.com
CompuServe: GO SSEYO

Tel: +44(0)1344 712 017
Fax: +44(0)1344 712 005

press release
- Tuesday, May 14, 1996 at 00:25:29 (EDT)

Hi...I was wondering if anyone out there knew of a CD that was recently
produced by Brian Eno? The only information I have on this recording is
that it was for an album that Eno produced in Paris recently for a man
from North Africa. His name is Mohammed S.......(that's the
problem...don't know Anything but the initial). Is there anyone
outthere who has information on this CD?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


- Tuesday, May 14, 1996 at 00:24:47 (EDT)

Has anyone else checked out the .au sound files on the net site at:

- Tuesday, May 14, 1996 at 00:24:02 (EDT)

Brain One's latest album, "Generative Music 1" is now being advertised
on the Web (http://www.sseyo.com/genmus1.html/). It's not a static
CD-full of recorded pieces, but a floppy-disk program which recreates
the music each time you play it (on a PC with AWE32), AND MAKES IT

It's also different in that it costs about £40 (GBP40 for those of you
with a non-UK character set), which is three times the cost of a "plain
vanilla" recording.

usenet post
- Tuesday, May 14, 1996 at 00:23:08 (EDT)

Brian Eno will be contributing to a festival in Berlin by the end of
march. Here are the details:

Urban Aboriginals XI: The British Ambience
March 23 - 31, 1996 at various locations
contact: Freunde Guter Musik Berlin e.V.
Erkelenzdamm 11-13 B IV
10999 Berlin
phone: 030 / 6152702
fax: 030 / 6148695

Eno's contributions are:

1. sound installation "Generative Music"
opening March 23, 18 h at Parochial Church
Eno will be doing the opening personally.
Installation will be open throughout the festival from 11 to 17 h
(11 - 20 h on certain days)
As far as I know Eno will use KOAN music for this installation.

2. sound installation "Music for Airports"
at Tempelhof Airport
Installation will be open throughout the festival from 10 to 20 h

Eno has withdrawn from other festival activities (he was to held lectures
as well) because of being busy with HIS NEW RECORD!!!

Interesting news, aren't they?

Ulrich Bomnueter

- Tuesday, May 14, 1996 at 00:21:27 (EDT)

in the March or April issue of Tower's Pulse magazine was an comic by Tom Hart "featuring" Brian Eno.

- Tuesday, May 14, 1996 at 00:20:28 (EDT)

"Elvis Costello and Brian Eno have collaborated on an experimental
per an article posted late January 1996 in
Addicted to Noise, the on-line rock'n'roll magazine, reports the latest
breaking news in the music world.

ATN: Music News of the World

- Tuesday, May 14, 1996 at 00:18:39 (EDT)