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Eno News, stories and interactivity
Welcome to ENO WORLD, the revamped site formerly known as WEEKLY WORLD ENO, offering interactive Eno bits and bytes. This is an unofficial Brian Eno website and sister site to the EnoWeb'97 @ Hyperreal.com. EnoWorld is hosted by Sunsite.UNC.edu.

I started this zine in 1996, after 3 years of infrequently updating the EnoWeb project, when looking for a way to let anyone add current Eno news, pending events, etc. It started as the WEEKLY WORLD ENO site. The name was a joke--seeking a tabloid style journalism approach and playing up the trainspotter gossip rag aspects, or hoping to. At the time Eno news was infrequent, but it seems that lately he's so in-the-news and a local celebrity in London so he's decided to duck out and reloate to St. Petersburg for much of 1997.

This is a self-maintaining web site that works something like a bulletin board or guestbooks, letting anyone add news, stories or tangential Eno info, comments or questions. I wanted to shift the expectations from me, as a web producr, of providing content and updates, and shifting the responsibility to the readers to create a community of keeping each other informed and entertained, as a living electonic zine that grows itself however people nurture it.

Since I created this project Tom Boon has taken on managing more frequent revisions to the EnoWeb site, adding an ENews page there that tends to be very current. Eno World continues to be a fan driven interactive forum for news propigated via newspaper, tv and radio sightings, and for rumors, personal anecdotes, etc. Free, non-profit and ad-free. This site is basically left to evolve on it's own, I just come by to tidy up once in a while and re-model as I find the time. I'm pleased to see it has sustained itself well for almost a year, but I thought I might as well add some new features and rename it with some other broadly vague and presumptuous name during my spring cleaning.

Eno Bites

I've added a new footer frame to the start page that reloads random Eno quotes from what is currently about 19 pages of quotes. I expect to expand that to a larger pool of Eno Bites and encourage you to email me quotes to include. Please keep them short, accurately transcribed and with a source attributed, preferably one I can link to. Email me at the address below, but please don't expect to see quotes added soon, they will be queued or added via a semi automated system to be added later.

And I've made some Unthinkable Futures inspired interactive Scenario pages, but I'm afraid the concept is probably too dense for it to work well in a simple web interface context.

I'd also thought about adding an interactive add-your-own Oblique Strategies deck, but archivist Gregory Taylor tells me the next revision of his OS article will include the recent rare 4th edition and will likely break out fronm the EnoWeb site with a roll-your-own OS deck as part of the package.

Anyway, I hope you find this project of some interest or use, and I hope you'll interact with us and contribute if you have anything to offer. This project was partly inspired by my concern that the Web, as a whole, is largely not interactive, beyond pushing buttons and URL clicks. We all now have access to the largest and most widely distributed interactive publishing medium known to man -- I can see the international audience reading these pages via the stats, but overall the web still sucks as an interactive medium, in my opinions becasue too few choose to interact and too few opportunities are given to let most of us participate. I invest hundreds of hours of my time, creating pages and projects like this, for free, because I believe it can be more interactive and that we all can choose to participate and share our lives and experiences and do more than just post a list of our favorite bands, artists, books, movies, etc. One of my most rewarding projects, as far as reader interactivity, has been my Page for John Cage, where the comments page has overflowed with stories about Cage and what he meant to so many people.

Brian Eno has obviously had a similar impact on many thousands of people. But like he says, "The most important message is, you can do it yourself." Please do!

Best regards,

Malcolm Humes
Berkeley, Califoria
May 9, 1997