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~ Selected extracts from the 23 page "The Hawkwind Log" ~

17 December 1970. Court cleared at hippy flower power trial.

An "electronic beat group" did not glorify drug taking or violence, a consultant psychologist said at the Durham Magistrates Court today. Before the court were Hawkwind, five young men from London. All deny conspiring to corrupt public morals on 8 August 1970 when at a dance members of the group appeared naked; drugs, contraceptives and magazines were handed to the audience and "free love" was encouraged from the stage. The case was held up for several minutes when a father collapsed in court after hearing his daughter's confession of "intimate relationships" at the Winterland Ballroom that night. A shocked Mr Howe, prosecuting, said, "You are wicked people to come here and implant lustful and perverted desires to our children".

A spokesman for the group, describing himself as a musician, wearing a multi-coloured jacket and shoulder length hair replied, "This is a ridiculous fantasy. It is victimisation of the worst sort. You are a sick person with a sick mind". Judge Day-Lewis cleared the court after repeated laughter and interruptions from the public gallery. The case continues.

Durham City Echo (The names of the city and prosecution have been changed to protect the guilty.)

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The spacecraft Hawkwind was found by Captain RN Calvert of the Société Astronomæ (an international guild of creative artists dedicated in eternity to the discovery and demonstration of extra-terrestrial intelligence) on 8 July 1971 in the vicinity of Mare Librium near the South Pole.

The discovery of the Hawkwind has led to more wild speculation than any of the mysteries of space that we have so far encountered. The facts surrounding the discovery of this drifting two-dimensional spaceship have been so distorted by guesswork and rumour that any further attempts at assessment would only increase the density of the fog.

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The following extracts from the ship's log are presented without commentary, for the reader to form his own conclusions. They would appear to be the work of a collective robo-scribe, although one or two of the entries might possibly have been made by the hand of a single unassisted crew member whose identity still remains unknown. We hope this amazing document will stimulate scientists, mystics, occultists, policemen and all children everywhere.

Société Astronomæ.

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1027 hrs. 5 May 1971
Ladbroke Grove

Space/time supply indicators near to zero. Our thoughts are losing depth, soon they will fold intro each other, into flatness, into nothing but surface. Our ship will fold like a cardboard file and the noises of our minds compress into a disc of shining black, spinning in eternity. . .

0300 hrs. 9 April 1946.
Position Unknown

We have been through so many time storms and warps in the fabric of reality that the purpose of our journey has long been lost to memory. Even our computers no longer speak with any certainty of the past. But still we journey on through space, in search of the present, leaving a trail of abandoned futures in our wake.

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This is the last entry in the Hawkwind log. It was not dated. I have seen the Tao and travelled the middle way. I have heard the word and spoken the word. I have lived in the flesh and I have eaten the flesh. I have been blinded by the light... And now I believe in the supreme and mystic darkness of nothing, in the deepest reaches of the immaculate void, in infinite nothing, in the unremitting realms of nothing, in the abundance of nothing, in the incomprehensible infinity of untold nothing, in absolute nothing.





United Artists Records: UAG 29202 Crew: Nik Turner: Alto sax, flute, audio generator, vocals Dave Brock: Vocals, electric guitar, acoustic 6 and 12 string, audio generator. Dave Anderson: Bass, electric and acoustic 6 string guitars Del Dettmar: Synthesiser Terry Ollis: Drums, percussion Dik Mik: Audio generator Stacia Dances Huw, Colin and Bill: Strong arms and electric heads Side One You shouldn't do that (Dave Brock, Nik Turner) You Know you're only dreaming (Dave Brock) Side Two Master of the universe (Nik Turner, Dave Brock) We took the wrong step years ago (Dave Brock) Adjust me (Hawkwind) Children on the Sun (Dave Anderson, Nik Turner) Engineer George Chkiantz Assisted by Rod Thear, Phil Chapman and Rufus Cartwright Produced by Hawkind and George Chkiantz at Olympic Studios, Barnes. Track one side two first recorded at Air Studios All arrangements by Hawkwind Good vibes and goodies: Furry Freak brothers and Chillum Tribe John Trux and Frendz Optics/semantics: Bob Calvert  Barney Bubbles  Phil Franks  Malcolm Livingstone  Nicky Hepworth  Joseph Stevens.

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