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Uschi Obermaier

"Well, what do I know about the famous Uschi O... she was indeed the best known and most beautiful woman / lover in the late 60s APO times (APO: Ausser-Parlamentarische Opposition) - in short: the student's movement. She was never really connected with the RAF people (Rote Armee Fraktion / Red Army Fraction) but with several guys in the group of students and so-called "Spontis" who were closest to them - several of them went into the underground some time later.

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She had a well known affair with the (notorious as well) Rainer Langhans. Langhans and his friends (Fritz Teufel a.o.) became famous / notorious for the practical political / satirical pranks. The most famous was probably the "Pudding Assassination" on some American politician - I guess the police were quite disappointed when they discovered that these dangerous long-haired bastards really only had pudding in their bags instead of real bombs. Nevertheless, they spent a lot of time in court-rooms and interrogation cells... they were simply the group most hated by the right-ish German establishment.

They lived in the famous "Kommune 1" - the first place where a group of students lived in a communal way - reading Mao's bible, taking drugs, making *free-love* (I am not sure about the exact details of these rituals...). Quite a scandal at the time, as you can imagine.

But quite soon the love-life became either too rigid or too free for Uschi's taste (I can't remember which way around, I am not good with this sort of trivia) - she got bored with the dogmatic life and ongoing political debates and decided to call it quits with Rainer. After that she had all sorts of famous - and sometimes not so famous lovers - travelling all over the globe.

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She's living in Los Angeles and Munich now - the latter being a particularly dreadful city... as far as I know she's into making jewelry now - which she sells for extraordinarily good prices...

Langhans has now become a weird sort of guru (though he'd probably deny it - anyway, he acts and even looks like one...) and is doing some TV-documentaries from time to time... I am also working for a videofestival here in Berlin and we've lately shown a documentary on him - he's now living with 3 women, living a very healthy life and all that - the women always pretend not to be jealous but you see the most nasty scenes of jealousy and picking on each other all the time... quite funny - very pathetic. And I saw another piece when some film-crew arranged a meeting between Uschi and Rainer after all these years... great embarrassing scenes - and very funny again, of course... Rainer, the guru-ish looking, classically softie-guy who understands just about everything, and Uschi, looking like a noble elderly rocker-bride, sort of snobbish - they just spoke a completely different language...

But anyway, they did their thing and lit some good flames under the arses of the right-wing German establishment at the time. And that is something..."

Text: Knut Gerwers


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