About MSAR-Riders

Purpose of MSAR-Riders

MSAR-Riders is an international e-mail discussion group established in 2002 for mutual support of horse riders around the world who are or want to become volunteer mounted search and rescue (MSAR) responders. MSAR-Riders is free and non-commercial.

MSAR-Riders helps MSAR responders everywhere to get acquainted and network with one another, coordinate joint training, share training and organizational materials, learn from each other, and develop new and improved cooperation among MSAR units worldwide.

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Praise for MSAR-Riders

All quotes below are unsolicited comments posted to MSAR-Riders, and are in the MSAR-Riders web archive.

...from new MSAR volunteers

...from new MSAR teams/units

...from SAR old hands who are new to MSAR

...from MSAR old hands

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