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Call for Papers

NMEDIAC is currently accepting paper submissions for future issues. Long abstracts or proposals may be emailed to the Managing Editor who will offer quick feedback as to whether the proposed manuscript would be appropriate for the journal. Approval of an abstract or proposal does not constitute acceptance however. Only completed papers will be put through the blind peer-review process. We will only review papers with the understanding that they are not being reviewed by other journals and have not been previously published in their current form.

Papers should be submitted by email in one of three formats (.doc, .pdf, .html) to Jonathan Lillie, Managing Editor, at:

(Loyola University Maryland)

Paper length may vary from 5,000 to 12,000 words. Projects much longer than 12,000 words should be broken into two companion articles to be published in consecutive issues. All submissions should follow the latest APA style and citation guidelines. Audiovisual new media art or presentations may be submitted or proposed at any time. Preference is placed on pieces that are submitted along with, or incorporate, scholarly work OR that emphasize general or specific themes within the broad area of new media and culture.