• Create two polyclave keys [as alternatives to traditional dichotomous keys] that will visually capture the way botanical experts identify species.

  • Teach and observe nonprofessionals (e.g., students, amateur botanists, gardeners, naturalists, life long learners, high-school teachers, and other groups of persons with an interest in botanical and environmental sciences) in using and testing these keys for species identification.

  • Enlist community citizens in documenting selected plant habitats in four important environmental monitoring projects (PrarieWatch and ForestWatch in Illinois and Wildflower and TreeWatch in North Carolina).

  • Create a use-based collection of botanical resources to support biodiversity surveys.

  • Provide citizen and expert access to a larger array of botanical resources through a UIUC and UNC-CH collaborative collection development and digitization plan.

  • Produce an information store of high-quality botanical images that support species identification (e.g., zoom views of leaf scars and plant hair).




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