5.2. Creating the cyrus mailbox

5.2.1. cyradm

>From the command line, log on to the cyrus server as the user listed in the admins entry of the imapd.conf file

cyradm -u <First User> localhost

After logging in with the password in the LDAP database for <First User>, create the mailbox with the new users uid LDAP entry, at the cyradm prompt. (Assuming the new user, <New User>, has a email address of nuser@mydomain.com and a uid entry in the LDAP database of nuser)

Example 5-1. Creating the mailbox

    >cm user.nuser


    INBOX         user.nuser

    user.fuser    user.suser

    >lam user.nuser

    nuser lrswipcda

The previous lines create the mailbox, list the mailboxes to make sure that it worked and then list the permissions on the new mailbox. Next, exit the cyradm utility.


5.2.2. (Optional) Adding POP3 access

To allow the user to access their mail using a POP3 client, add a directory to /var/imap/log with the user's corresponding uid. Make sure that the permissions are correct. For example, <New User> wants POP3 access:

Example 5-2. Commands to Add POP3 Access

    cd /var/imap/log

    mkdir nuser

    chown cyrus nuser

    chgrp mail nuser

    chmod 750 nuser