Tor Challenge and ibiblio

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ibiblio was one of several sites recognized by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the TOR Project for the long uptimes and significant bandwidth dedicated to our TOR Relay. 98.96% uptime over a year including downtime for upgrades and maintenance is something to brag about — even without the rewards of stickers, t-shirts and the like. More statistics about ibibUNC0 here.

Tor is one of the strongest tools for protecting privacy online. It’s used by millions of people worldwide to route around Internet censorship and browse the Web with anonymity. Whistleblowers, journalists, activists, and everyday people rely on Tor.

As a joint project of the University of North Carolina’s School of Information and Library Science and of the School of Media and Journalism, ibiblio is proud and glad to help contribute to the Tor network.

Special thanks to ibiblians Dayton Bobbitt and Cristóbal Palmer for their continuing work on ibiblio’s Tor contributions.

The Tor Challenge was a joint campaign of EFF, the Free Software Foundation, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and the Tor Project.

Season of the Sea

from MaritimeDigital Archive

In summer, we flock to the coast and dream of sailing the seas.

Project Gutenberg’s large selection of free books and readings is a great place to load your ereader with seafaring texts.

And while reading, you could be listening to one of almost 50 free music downloads of seafaring songs from Roger McGuinn’s Folk Den.

What’s that vessel on the horizon or even in port? The Maritime Digital Archive Encyclopedia can help you out or simply amuse you.

Importance of Summer

Queen Anne's Lace by Ken Moore

As temperatures approach three figures (Fahrenheit thank goodness) and mid-summer approaches, we look to the ibiblio collections for some relief.

At the archives of the Carrboro Citizen from 2007, Kirk Ross reminds us somewhat poetically of the importance of summer:

The heat is bearing down already and those afternoon showers that truly deserve the name “cloudbursts” are beginning to roll ‘round to slick up the streets and coat the pavement with a low-hanging layer of steam.

This is when we can remind ourselves as well as show the youngsters around us that play is every bit a part of our nature as toil and a good bit more agreeable.

This is the time to remember that a vacation is not an itinerary or a to-do list, but an invitation to step outside of convention and routine — a chance to explore something you never knew would interest you or learn something without even trying.

Roger McGuinn plays with the traditional Scottish ballad of summertime, “Wild Mountain Thyme,” by rearranging it to a reggae beat at his Folk Den
Summer references at Project Gutenberg are nearly unending and will fill almost anyone’s summer reading list with variety.

Back where we began, Ken Moore describes the sturdy heat enduring wild white flowers of early summer: Daisy Fleabane, Daucus carota, Elderberry, Erigeron annuus, and Queen Anne’s Lace, Sambucus canadensis. Perhaps we can take a lesson from these flowers and not wilt despite the heat.