Sapna Kumar on GPLv3

The June 2007 meeting of the Triangle Linux Users Group was held at 7pm, June 14, at Red Hat on the Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University. The speaker was Sapna Kumar, who spoke about the GNU General Public License version 3. She discussed changes in GPL v.3 and what they mean for hackers, infighting that has been going on inside the open source community and how v.3 deals with the growing threat of software patents.

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Sapna Kumar is a faculty fellow at Duke University Law School. Her areas of interest include open source software, patent reform in biotechnology, and federal agency law. Prior to coming to Duke, she was in private practice, focusing on patent litigation and software licensing.

Security and Liberty Forum

Featuring: Katherine Bryant, Barry Steinhardt, Melissa Ngo, Gene Spafford, Annie Anton, and Bruce Schneier

The purpose of this event was to bring in experts from academia, business, and government–in the fields of security, data collection, data mining, and privacy–together in a forum where they may share with a local audience their perspectives, concerns, ideas, and sometimes competing interests. We hope to explore the fundamental ethical and practical concerns with regard to data collection, sharing, and retention within the private sector–and between the private sector and government–and to help shed light on important current events.

Please note that due to a technical problem, only part of the conference program is available as video here.

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