The Goldstein_duo players are Roxana Pavel Goldstein, violin; and Elias Goldstein, violin and Viola. They are assisted in some selections by Monica Pavel, piano, and in one selection by the Depaul Symphony (Chicago) under the direction of Cliff Colnot.

The music in the directory 2strings uses 2 violins, or violin and viola.

The directory 1string uses violin and piano or viola and piano.

Contents: 2strings

01 Handel-Halvorsen, Passacaglia for violin and viola 02 Telemann: Sonata 1 for 2 violins Movement 1 Dolce 03 Movement 2: Allegro
04 Movement 3: Largo
05 Movement 4: Vivace
06 Corelli, Sonata Number 11 for two violins and continuo; Movement 1, Adagio 07 Movement 2, Allemanda:Presto
08 Movement 3, Giga
09 Sarasate, Navarra Opus 33 for two violins and orchestra

Contents: 1string
Tracks 10, 11, and 13 are played by Roxana Pavel Goldstein and Monica Goldstein Track 12 by Elias Goldstein and Monica Pavel

10 Dvorak, Romance Number 1 Opus 75 for violin and piano 11 Dvorak, Romance Number 2 Opus 75 for violin and piano 12 Dvorak-E.Goldstein Humoreske for viola and piano 13 Rachmaninoff-Press, Vocalise Opus 34 Number 14 for violin and piano