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Praise for This Body the Earth

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"If you want to get a feel for the South in the early 20th century, read This Body the Earth.  You will be enthralled by Green's vision and his story-telling."

Laurence Avery, Professor, Department of English, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"This Body the Earth is a book I hated to leave and couldn't wait to pick up again.  The characters breathed, made wise and unwise decisions, gained and lost strength, dreamed and loved.  This Body the Earth speaks to all times and places."

Clyde Edgerton, North Carolina novelist, teacher, author of Raney, Walking Across Egypt, The Floatplane Notebooks

"Paul Green's novel, This Body the Earth, is the most important novel by one of North Carolina's most important writers.  A major work set in the day of heavy poverty in the South."

John Ehle, North Carolina writer, author of Trail of Tears, The Journey of August King, Lion on the Hearth

"Paul Green reaches your compassionate heart and inner conscience in This Body the Earth.  The harsh reality and bitterness of these devastating years so vividly portrayed on these pages will stir your sense of decency and fair play.  This book should be read by everyone who really cares about our future."

William Friday, President Emeritus, University of North Carolina

"This Body the Earth is a word pilgrimage through a largely vanished North Carolina human and even physical landscape.  It is rich with descriptive color of turn-of-the-century life in the cotton bottoms of the Cape Fear, a virtual encyclopedia of the folklore of farm, country church, crossroads store and fishing hole."

Roy Parker, Jr., Retired Editor, The Fayetteville Observer

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